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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay, so it is Surfer in more than one. And that's all I am going to say about that right now. It's in the drawer for a couple of weeks to await the fresh eye of revision.

On another subject, I am constantly amazed by kids' writing. My daughter Cali has taken up spontaneously writing stories when she is bored. (That is the thing I really loooooooove about summer, the chance to get bored. I think that every good writer was bored as a kid, at least some of the time. When the world isn't creating excitement for you, then it's your turn to create excitement for the world.)

Anyway, Cali's writing has been a source of amusement for me in the past few weeks. It started with a few paragraphs about an "elephant with social problems". Seriously, I am not making this up. The elephant has a therapist! (Too much TV?.........this is the question I am asking myself.) Then she went on to write about a fairy that got placed with foster parents during a fairy war and she doesn't really know she's a fairy......good stuff, here.

What I like about reading Cali's stories is how fearless she is. She tackles interesting situations and already has her own narrative voice.

That's the lesson for today, kids: Write what interests YOU. That's the best way to tap into your unique voice.

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