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Friday, March 13, 2009

The weird thing about writing is that once you truly open the flood gates, well, it's all you can think about. And the muse can become very greedy with your time. It makes me realize why I sometimes spend months disconnected to my writing....not that I don't write every day, little bits and snatches (because it's the right thing to do, as a writer and all)....but when I really connect with my writing, then nothing else matters.

And really, that can be a very difficult place to be....if you have a family, a job, a house and all that.

So, right now, the muse is being a demanding little diva. She wants all my time and attention, and is throwing tantrums of crankiness (which are manifested in my behavior) when she doesn't get her way. She's like a new baby......not only does she want to be held all the time, but I want to hold her all the time, too.

As a result, my house is messier than it has ever been (for those who have been to my house, well the answer to the question you are asking yourself is yes, it can get worse.) I am also highly disengaged in the generalities of life....I cannot remember ANYTHING because I am unable to focus on anything that I happen to be doing at any particular time. I am always thinking about my little muse.....(she's very cute...napping right now and allowing me to post this, which I will probably forget that I posted later.....) I wonder if I have a split personality because there are many things that I have no recollection of doing, that I obviously did.

Ah, the double life of a writer.

Shhhh. I need to wash yesterday's dishes before she wakes.


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