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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Winner is.....

Actually, the winner is banana and pickle. Both are equally funny (to me) in their own way, thus they have both scored spots in different manuscripts. Go fruit and vegetables!

So, I have been writing like crazy lately! I finished 3 picture book drafts, revised 2 picture book drafts, revised a novel (as well as finishing it), and (out of nowhere) wrote a very short chapter book about a space chimp! It is difficult for me to keep it all straight sometimes, and I hope I don't end up making a mangled mess of everything.

Today is "sort out" day. I've got to sort out all of the above stuff. In the frenzy of writing, I sometimes forget where I put the latest draft of something (or what I named it before I presses "save as". ) Yeah, I know, it should be easy. Just save it as draft 1 or draft 6 or whatever. Yeah, that would be great, provided I could remember how many drafts there were! (and, if I hadn't pressed some evil, magic button on my computer which no longer presents my documents in alphabetical order....or chronological order.....) So, sorting is in order. Sorting into piles.

How did my writing ever become like doing the laundry?


1 comment:

Heidi said...

Because laundry is the secret force that contrrols all!