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Friday, May 15, 2009

When the writing is easy....

It's kind of like when things are going well, you never appreciate them, but when things are going bad, you look back to when things were good and say, "Why didn't I realize how good I had it?"

Well, I have it really good right now, so this post is to remind myself that I am appreciating it.....a little.

What is working right now for me is writing. I feel so lucky, like I have a million ideas, and I am getting good work done each day on stuff that I really like. It feels sooooo productive. (And yet, no one but me is really reading much of this stuff right not, so I could totally be kidding myself.....maybe it's all crap.) But there is a magic time when one is writing and one is happy with whatever one scrawl's on one's page....ahhhhh.

And the ideas!!

Seriously, has a title with such promise every graced the idea page of my writing book before? Are you ready for it? I mean, I cannot even think about it without, I dunno, cracking up. Realize, though, that now even a word of this book had been written yet (I am engaged with other projects) but it makes me smile every time I scroll by this little folder (even though it is empty). But the promise.....ahhh, the promise of something wonderful to come.

That is when the writing is easy. When it is filled with promise.

and the title I love is........

Chicken Wizard and the Egg of Destiny


P.S. I am quite sure I'll be writing soon about when the writing is hard......sigh.


Carrie Harris said...

It's not often that a title makes me laugh out loud, but that one did! Awesome.

storyqueen said...

Thanks Carrie! It means a lot coming from another short banged refugee.


Paige Keiser said...

Ok, I just ***LOVE*** that title! I would immediately reach for a book with a title like that! Have fun with diving into it, I bet you can't wait.

And I know exactly what you mean about ideas coming easy. I just never know when that's going to happen (maybe it's hormonal for me haha) but when I feel creative and ideas are flowing at the same time it's heaven for however long it lasts. And I never want to leave my desk. These are the times I stay up waaaay too late because I just don't want to sleep. When it disappears though, as it seems to in an ebb and flow kind of way, it's hard to say goodbye.

P.S. Thank you SO much for your kind words on my blog, it really meant a lot to me.