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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Newest Titles:

Here are my latest sequences of words to tickle my brain....

Bad Little Baby (draft already done)
Ugly Babies (draft already done)
Extra Super Cranky Lady (not based on me.....really)
Surfiesta (don't even ask)
The Runaway Tantrum (draft already done)
Once Upon a Planet (draft done and revised)
Megsy Bubbles (I'm not sure, just like the name)

Chicken Wizard.......(still no plot.....curses)

Having so many projects going at a time is crazifying. I should focus on one. But when the story is small and you push it too hard to reveal itself, sometimes you accidentally squish it. I have to give these little guys time to get brave enough to let me finish them.

I wonder which of them will end up being really good and which will end up stinky.


Davin Malasarn said...

I like Ugly Babies and The Runaway Tantrum. I think they have a ton of potential!

storyqueen said...


Ugly babies is kind of a sweet story, actually. And as for the tantrum, well, it couldn't be based on real-life......or could it?

I love when writers stop by. Come again, soon!


Stephanie Perkins said...

The Runaway Tantrum is my favorite, too! I also really, really love Once Upon a Planet. And Extra Super Cranky Lady makes me laugh!

These are all BRILLIANT. Next time I need a title, I'm picking your brain!

storyqueen said...


I like Once Upon a Planet, too. The draft is kind of different.....but I like how it came out. We'll see, of course.

What? WHAT??!! Extra Super Cranky Lady made you laugh? It's supposed to be a serious work of literary fiction, along the lines of Dosty.., er, um, you know, that guy that wrote Crime and Punishment.


(Or is is really Extra Super Cranky Lady in disguise??)