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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thank You.......And Another Harry Potter Reference

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the encouragement the other day when I was dealing with THE END.

*spoiler alert ahead....don't read if you've not read HP #7*

Remember the part in the seventh HP book where Harry is all alone, with the resurrection stone in his hand, walking to his most certain doom and there, in the dark of the forest, appear his parents, Sirius and Lupin? They walk with him, keeping him company, both there and not there at the same time. It is a path that Harry must go alone, but the invisible support makes the journey possible.

Thanks for being my Sirius, my Lupin, my James and Lily Potter.

I made it!


(Now to stuff the manuscript somewhere far away for a few weeks.)


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, yay! That's great to hear! :)

Lisa and Laura said...


Stephanie Faris said...

I haven't read past the second Harry Potter but it sounds also like it's the perfect analogy for parenting. You take your kids halfway, then trust them to make the journey the rest of the way, knowing your invisible support is with them always.

Tyler said...

Woo, way to go! Congrats!

MG Higgins said...

Congratulations on working through your glitches and finishing! That is such a satisfying feeling.

Lazy Writer said...


Tess said...

Nothing better than that finished feeling. We know edits will come...but, for now, it's a peaceful place you must be in. Kudos :)

storyqueen said...

Thank you, everyone, for the support. It was really cool to not feel so alone during the hard part. I mean, who else understands what it takes out of you but other writers?

Love you all!!


Amy Tate said...

Yea!!!! Congratulations! Now, go celebrate with a good friend, laughter and some chocolate.

Dawn VanderMeer said...


Stephanie Perkins said...

This is much-belated, but CONGRATULATIONS!! Woo hoo! YOU MADE IT!

(Also, there can never be too many HP references in the world.)