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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Storytelling Scorecard

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Told 13 times this season.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: Told 15 times. Anticipate 5 more tellings.

Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol (The Story Queen Version): Told once, anticipate 5 more tellings.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Sung/Told 12 times

The Biscochito: Told 0 times.

What??? StoryQueen, you did not tell the story of the Biscochito even once??? Bad StoryQueen! Bad StoryQueen!

The Biscochito is a gingerbread man type of story, but the main character is a cookie that hails from my old stomping grounds...New Mexico. I wrote it many years ago, and it is a holiday favorite of mine. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but it is one of those things I wrote that didn't sell right away, so I just use it with kids as an oral-tradition type of story. And they LOVE it. I mean, how can they not with great lines like:

Run, run, run,
as fast as you can go,
you can't catch me
I'm the Biscochito.*

That's good stuff, my friends.)

I'm sorry, little Christmas Cookie. There's still time. I'll tell your tale at least once this year, I promise.

*And the fox doesn't eat the cookie at the end....a big guy in a red suit does, teehee.

Off to tell Dickens today!



Bane of Anubis said...

'Biscochito' has a very nice sound to it.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

It's good to see a new post - you've been missed! Thanks for stopping by Book Dreaming yesterday. I do understand the demands of teaching right now. Ugh! :)

L. T. Host said...

Awww... hopefully he'll get in there. Sounds like a great little story.

Catherine Denton said...

Yes, tell his little story.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Poor little Biscochito! Neglected. Chased. Chomped.
Sounds like a story. ;) Glad to hear he will live again this season.

Kim said...

Yes, you need to tell Biscochito. He sounds cute. My 5 year old has never seen Grinch. She just saw a commercial with him in it and asked who it was. I was shocked she didn't know. So..tomorrow he'll be on TV and it will be the big premiere for her. Can't wait to see what she thinks.

Kelly H-Y said...

Those are quite the stats, thus far! I want to hear more about Biscochito! :-)

Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh, I want to check out Bicochito! It kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Susan R. Mills said...

Sounds like a winner to me. You should tell it right here on your blog. I'd love to hear it.

Hardygirl said...

Wish we lived close by--we'd love to hear some Christmas stories!!


Dawn Simon said...

Your Biscochito story sounds sweet. Those lucky kids... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I haven't read any holiday books to my kids yet! I better get cracking!

MG Higgins said...

Bad Story Queen! Ha!

Shelley, I've tagged you! Sorry. Would love to see your answers. You can get the details at my blog.

Amy Tate said...

I want to hear more about Biscochito!

Merry Christmas!