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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What is on Shelley's Desk?

Let's see, today we have the following:

a laptop
my red plastic addidas watch
a notepad on which to write notes that says: Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read on the side of it, accompanied by a picture of a little guy trying to read inside of a dog.
a black pen
a spoon
a rhinestone bracelet
a strand of pearls
my glasses
my camera
somebody's pomegranate hand sanitizer (not mine)
3 bobby pins (which are not mine, never use them)
random blue piece of paper with a phone number I don't recognize written on it.
2010 engagement calendar featuring Ireland (from my mom)
stack of CD's (none of which I put there: Glee, Greenday, Celtic Woman)
half finished bottle of Coke Zero (wha??)
Two large envelopes with bookplates inside that I have to mail
a photo of my daughters' dance team (not in a frame or anything...just sitting there)
a purple plastic model of the eiffel tour which is really for little Madeleine dolls that Cali wanted to get rid of, but that I couldn't let go of.
two pairs of shoes ( heels and black flats)
brief case (underneath)
Costco coupons (underneath)

What should be on Shelley's desk:

a laptop

(Shelley's desk is very, very small. Far too small for the amount of junk currently upon desk to remain there.)

What's on your desk?



Kelly H-Y said...

Oh my ... the list is too long ... why is it that desks attract so many things?! :-) I have to have mine clean in order to work, and it seems that's all I'm ever doing ... organizing the desk! :-)

Amanda B. said...

the old laptop that the kids now use

a small plastic bent slinkie (color- pink)

a blue felt-tip pen

a small card with picture of a dog on it

a 2010 Lenten Companion book

a used up Barnes & Noble gift card

and piles and piles of paper that I shall not bother to go through

My new computer is tiny, so it travels about the house with me.

Nisa said...

Funny how everyone else's stuff accumulates on your desk, huh? lol! Have fun clearing away the rubble!

I have a pile of papers - addresses, notes, ideas, recipes - that all need to be typed onto the computer. Guess I better get on it.

Myrna Foster said...

Lots of papers

A box of Laini's Ladies post-it notes

A computer



Whatever is buried beneath the "lots of papers"

We won't go into what I have in the drawers. ;)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Ha! This is fun. My desk has:
mouse pad with a graphic of a camel and a seal (who knows why)
enamel sea horse
plush whale
glass paperweight
print-out of tips from Libba Bray
three inspiring cards (a mermaid, a whale and a sea turtle)
stamp sheet of a kelp forest
post-its for date reminders and nudges like Get Fierce

MG Higgins said...

Does your daughter's dance "team" compete against other dance teams? How does that work, exactly?

Your desk sounds cluttered but charmingly lived in. I bet you couldn't get a thing done if you cleared it entirely.

storyqueen said...

Kelly-Since I was out today, the desk has acquired a pair of earrings and an empty punchbowl cup.

Amanda-thanks for stopping by! The bent slinky sounds like it belongs on MY desk!

Nisa-Good luck on the typing....(don't love the typing part, myself)

Myrna-Oooh, I want Laini's Ladies post-its! How cool!
I suppose I should be glad my desk has no drawers to get filled with junk.

Tricia-I want to know what Libba Bray's tips are! Share! Share!

MG-To answer your question, my girls are Irish Step Dancers, and yes, they compete against other dance teams....yeah, i know, weird, huh?

Dawn Simon said...

My laptop, a Writers Block mug, and an organized-mess-pile of my WIP, agent information, and a spiral with critique group notes. I also have business cards and paper clips in an origami container one of my kids made me. And there's more! The goofiest thing is a tiny stuffed monkey in a cape. He has stretchy arms so you can fling him and make him shriek wild monkey calls. (I just did it and my dog went nuts.)

Lisa and Laura said...

Um, at this point my desk is my lap so my laptop is pretty much the only thing that fits. Sad, but true.

Jenn Johansson said...

I have no desk. My laptop follows me from room to room. Makes it harder to get cluttered. ;)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Hey there, Shelley,
Libba's tips I stole from Karen Amanda who posted them after attending SCBWI in NY. Definitely go read them.
But the gist is a challenge to make this the year of writing dangerously, to go places other than your first instinct, to ignore trends and write your story with your heart and soul.
(And YAY, you, for finishing your WIP! I'm impressed and awed. I'll be there soon, I promise. You've given me motivation to make it to the finish line)

Elana Johnson said...

Love this! My "desk" is really my kitchen table, so there could be anything on there! Anything!!