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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Things that are Wretched:
1.  Cleaning the closet under the stairs
2.  Over-cooked vegetables
3.  Black dog hair on a white tile floor.
4.  White dog hair on black pants
5.  When the words just aren't there

Things that are Wondrous:
1.  Stuff on youtube (in small doses).
2.  Carlsbad strawberries
3.  When all of the mustard flowers blossom along El Camino Real
4.  Onion rings on top of a steak salad with bleu cheese
5.  A quiet house early in the morning

Things that I have to do Today:
1.  Write one page of Area 51 (tinkering with voice).
2.  Write one page of Calista.
3. Plan presentation for Point Loma Nazarene University (which is tonight)
4.  Put some beans and green chile in the crock pot
5.  Call my mom

Things I  wish I could do:
1.  Fly
2.  Cook dinner and NEVER have to clean up after
3.  Sleep well every night
4.  Drink coffee (except probably I am wishing that it tasted good...then I would drink it, but it smells lovely and tastes like it was made in Hades.)
5.  Travel the world.

Lists, anyone?



L. T. Host said...

I didn't know you were local! Hi "neighbor"-- I'm down south, but I occasionally come up to your neck of the woods to visit the Paper Source up there. Carlsbad strawberries are AWESOME.

Alesa Warcan said...

Hello, list posts can be such fun.

Here is a list of music I like:
Nick Drake – all of it
The oyster band – AAA (alive and acoustic)
Clannad – all of it esp. the old stuff
My friend the chocolate cake – all of it but especially the first eponymous album
Johnny Clegg – most of it
Chris Rhea – dancing on the beach; dancing with stranger; god’s great banana skin; deltics; Chris Rhea

And a list of turn offs:
Bad smells
Willful stupidity such as:
Excessively rude/crude
Needless and/or useless dishonesty

Susan R. Mills said...

You don't like coffee????? I couldn't survive without it.

Corey Schwartz said...

Turn Ons
1. Dimples
2. Talent
3. Confidence
4. Humor
5. Foreign Accents

OMG, no wonder I am in love with Daniel Craig.

Julie Dao said...

Things I Like That Are Bad For Me:

1) 8 sugars in my coffee (the only way I can stomach coffee)
2) Surfing the Internet for extended periods of time
3) Slouching
4) Chocolate chip cookies
5) People with a dark dangerous side
6) Gossip in small doses
7) Chewing on my hair

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Things I Shouldn't Do:

Things I Should Do:
Stand up tall

Janet said...

Enjoyed reading your lists. Things I wish I could do: fly like a bird, write books that get published and turned into Disney movies, travel all over the good ole USA!

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, I love your lists. That darn closet under the stairs gets me every time too!

Things I Have To Do Today:
1. Grocery shopping
2. Make dinner
3. Exercise
4. Crit pages
5. Watch Glee

Things I Wish I Could Do Today:
1. Read my book
2. Write more
3. Watch Glee
4. Order in
5. Get to bed on time

Bane of Anubis said...

I'm with you on the coffee -- like dirty water -- and the flying -- that would rock.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I've never been a list person, much to my husband's dismay. They say a list would go a long way to getting me organized. I tried it once - but I lost it. :-)

Myrna Foster said...

I don't like coffee either, but I love lists! Thanks for sharing yours

Things I have to do today:

read to Gwen
type up interview
write non-fiction article
make food
finish picture book
work on a MG critique
play/work outside

Lady Glamis said...

What great lists! They all made me smile. I now want onion rings and bleu cheese. :)

storyqueen said...

LT-Like down in San Diego? Cool! Perhaps a meet-up sometime....

Alesa-I love Clannad! (They are the only group on your list that I know...) but I really want to hear My Friend the Chocolate Cake!

Susan-I'm a tea drinker, but I love the smell of coffee. The taste, however, gag.

Corey-Haha! I'll have me some of that, too!

Julie-8 sugars??? Well, I always knew you were a sweet girl!

Tricia-Okay, I just love the words: Stew, agonize and crumple. Even though you shouldn't do them, they are great words!

Janet-Me too on the flying! And I'd take a disney movie,too.

Elana-At least the most important thing (Glee) made both lists!!

Bane-Dirty water tastes better than coffee. Coffee is like liquid lead, but with more bitter.

Shannon-I love lists. I love to check stuff off. but I do tend to lose them more often than not...

Myrna-That's a full day. I hope you don't leave the playing until the very end!

LG-Me, too...even though I just had them last night! Too bad, it's beans and rice night. (Thank God for cheese!)

Kelly said...

I write to do lists, but general ones. I feel so accomplished when I cross things off. I need to put little things like brush teeth on there to feel even more accomplished!
I don't like coffee either. I don't get all the hullabaloo about it.

Alesa Warcan said...

I second that, tea over coffee any day.
If you'd like MFTCC has tracks available on My friend the chocolate cake, official myspace page.
I recommend by starting with "a midlife's tale" followed by "the romp". The selection of tracks there is curious.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

The list of things I wished for:

That I didn't have to sleep (still considering the whole vampire option. Other than the blood part, it has some advantages).

That dinner could cook itself so I could focus on writing.

While we're at it, that my house would clean itself for the above reason.

Or better yet, that my kids would pick up after themselves.

Oh to dream the impossible dream. ;)

Alesa Warcan said...

To fight the unfightable foe?

Tess said...

I love onion rings ... and I'm dieting right now so all I can think of is

onion rings
fat, juicy strawberries
oh, mmmm, onion rings again

with fry sauce.

and a juicy burger (forget the salad!)

that's my pathetic list for today.

jdcoughlin said...

To Do: Sand hallway, Paint hallway, Paint bathroom ceiling, wash clothes, make steak and blue cheese salad. (THX for that one. Now I have something to look forward to!)

Want To Do: Get massage, Get hair done, Hire painters, Lay in sun and read book.

From a CA Girl,
Love Carlsbad!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Without lists, I accomplish nothing. Off to write mine for today :)

Nisa said...

I never could even try coffee because I really don't like the smell... Now Tuna smells lovely to me, but I think it tastes like it's from Hades! hehe!


1. Feed and care for kids
2. Put kids to bed
3. Write!

I love Wednesdays. They're my easy days. :)

Amy Tate said...

I'm all about lists. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get to check stuff off. Problem is, I forget where I put the list!

Myrna Foster said...

We play on and off all day. That's part of the fun of having a two-year-old.

Hayley said...

That's a lot of lists. Here's mine

List to de-stress:
Have fun over vacation
Take deep breaths
Dress shop

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I have an award for you on my blog. I wasn't sure when you were going to post again, so I thought I'd tell you now. :)

storyqueen said...

Kelly-I love to put stuff on a list just so I can cross it off.

Alesa-Now I'm probably going to have to make a chocolate cake today.

Stina-Yeah! I want the self-cleaning house, too!!

Alesa-the unfightable foe..haha

Tess-Well, the strawberries are at least good for you....

jd-hello, California girl! Not envying you the painting...ugh. But have something yummy when you are done. You deserve it!

Sherrie-How is the little dragon...bringing luck already?

Nisa-Tuna? Seriously...not really much of a fan. I love Wednesdays, too. The weekend is closer than it was on Tuesday.

Amy-that is something I do all the time...

Myrna-Oh, I remember those days....time does fly...

Haley-Dress shop? For fun summer dresses or PROM?? (I think I just made a girl-squee embarassing.)

Stina-Thank you! I'll go and check it out!

Hayley said...

Prom ^_^ SQUEE! Don't worry squeeing is normal, I've actually been prone to random squees this week!

Natalie said...

Ha, ha! Those are great. Here's mine.

Things I would happily never do again
1. Clean pee off the floor
2. Sit behind a person drenched in perfume
3. Sleep in a tent