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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Funny After All These Years (Or why I would probably marry Jon Scieszka except that I am already married)

I totally forgot how great  this book is!  I read it to five or six classes last week and, dang, it was funnier each time!

And the genius of it!  I mean, the interaction between the text and the illustrations are incredible.  And then there's the way the the reader really becomes a part of the story.  I am simply in love with this book.

StoryQueen + StinkyCheeseMan = TrueLove*

It is the the kind of book best shared with an audience.  So, if you ever need a book to read to kids (2nd and 3rd grade is the prime age for this type of humor) I give it a four crown recommendation.

Jon Scieszka is the king of funny.

But all of the credit is not his...oh no, oh no!  Lane Smith (the fabulous illustrator) did a bang up job with the silly text.  Speaking of Lane Smith, this book is one of the funniest books around:

This reads like a Dick and Jane book (for those of you that remember back to the time of the dinosaurs) but it is hilarious.  When each of my daughters was learning to read, they read The Happy Hocky Family  over and over and over.

So, if you need a Tuesday-pick-me-up (and I always need a Tuesday-pick-me-up) check out these two oldies but goodies.


*The StoryQueen does not want to imply that she likes smelly men.  Not the case.  Just so you know.


Myrna Foster said...

I haven't ever heard of The Happy Hockey Family, but I LOVE The Stinky Cheese Man. I had a couple of friends in high school (guys, of course) who called me "Stinky Girl" or even "Stinky Cheese Girl," and the blame rests entirely with Mr. Scieszka. I'll have to check the other one out. Thanks for the recommendation.

And you were right about revision working better in short, intense bursts. This draft is flying.

Julie Dao said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Shelley! I loved the Stinky Cheese Man growing up :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I liked THE CAT WHO WORE A POT ON HIS HEAD (or something like that).

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Scieszka and Smith are two of my favorites. I think I own three copies of the Stinky Cheese Man! :-)

Jessie Oliveros said...

Oh good. I'm always looking for funny books to read to my son.

Heather Kelly said...

Thanks for the great recommendation--I'm always looking for great books for my son!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I love his take on the story of the three little pigs. The man is a genius :)

L. T. Host said...

I forgot about this book! I'll need to go pick it back up, it used to be one of my favorites. Thanks for the reminder :)

Lori W. said...

Scieszka = awesome. I saw this post's title on someone else's blogroll and clicked right on over. :) I don't know how many copies of Cowboy and Octopus (by Scieszka and Smith) I've bought as gifts, but I made sure I got myself one. I'm going to look into The Happy Hockey Family. Thanks.

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

The Stinky Cheese Man is the best! Thanks for bringing it up! It's something I should certainly get for my son! Great suggestion, Shelley!

xoxo -- Hilary

Elana Johnson said...

I love The Stinky Cheese Man. Thanks for the reminder. I might get it for my MIL for Mother's Day. She loves to read to the grandkids.

Kelly H-Y said...

What a great idea ... I'd totally forgotten about that book! Thanks for the reminder! Hilarious!

Wendy Sparrow said...

You know your stuff... even if you do like stinky men... ;)

Carrie Harris said...

This comes at EXACTLY the right time. I was trying to decide something to read to my kid next. So thanks!

storyqueen said...

Myrna-so glad about your revision! Way to go, Stinky Cheese Girl!

Julie-Yep, you were probably a kid when it came out...I was already teaching!

Sharon-I loved that book, too!! (But I think the cat was a her.)

Shannon-You have me beat. I only have three.

Jessie-Depending on the age of your son, you might enjoy it more than he does...but well worth the experience.

Heather-It is one funny book!

Sherrie-yes! That book is a gem as well.

LT-I forgot about it, too, until I saw it on my shelf. How I could forget it, I have no idea.

Lori-Thanks for popping over! And I am embarrassed to say that I haven't read Cowboy and Octopus!! That is now my weekend goal.

Hilary-I bet your rats would love some of that Stinky Cheese!

Elana-That would be the funniest Mother's Day present ever!

Kelly-I'm glad to bring it back to the forefront of your reading brain!

Wendy-Hey...wait a stinky men...just Jon Scieszka...who I don't think stinks...(but I've never been close enough to him to know for sure...)

Carrie-You will not be sorry! And I think you will love the illustration on the Giant's Story page.