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Friday, August 13, 2010

Withdrawals. Presents. Food.

1. I am in serious withdrawals over the end of WriteOnCon. I mean, for the past three days, I've woken up to find three hours worth of workshop posts that I get to catch up on (Yay West Coast!) And then, throughout the day, every hour there was something new and cool to read and absorb.

And it was all in one place! Talk about one stop shopping.

I cannot imagine the work that went in to organizing it all.

It was amazing.

And I miss it, sooooooo much.

2. I did a storytime at Yellow Book Road in San Diego on Tuesday. It is an awesome independent bookstore (and if you need books signed by me, they can arrange for that and ship them too you.) Anyway, one family bought about 7 copies of Happy Birthday, Good Knight. 7 copies?

"That's a lot of copies," says I.

"Well, they are party favors for a royal birthday party."

Wow. What a great idea. I mean, I give books as presents a lot. A LOT. But what a great idea to give books as party favors! I mean, those of us with little ones KNOW how much we spend filling little favor bags with crumby* little plastic crud that everyone just throws away so that the younger members of the family don't choke on it. Books are the party favor that keep on giving!
(And you don't have to give hard covers or anything! But imagine how cool it would be if your child came home with a paperback book instead of plastic crud.)

I can see this working for pre-teen/teen parties, too. Imagine a slumber party where everyone gets a copy of The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting or some similarly adreneline-rush worthy tale. (If you can, watch Kimberly's vlog on WriteOnCon, Thursday. She is the master of building suspense!) Far more fun than just watching a scary movie.

So, give books as favors (and they don't have to be mine.)

3. After the storytime/signing, my husband took me out to lunch. We went to Point Loma Seafood. We split a halibut sandwich. It was 15 bucks. Seriously. 15 bucks. I mean, is there any sandwich in the world worth 15 bucks?

Yes. There is. And if I had a choice of eating lobster or having the 15 buck halibut sandwich, I'd pick the sandwich. The sourdough bread was so fresh and warm, and the fish just melted in your mouth.

But luckily is was 15 bucks (and I am cheap) so we just split it because then we drove by Five Guys burgers which have the best burgers in the world. Really. The best. so, we split a burger and brought some burgers home for the girls. They had bacon and mushrooms....OMG so good.
My husband is a burger fanatic. Everytime we visit a new city, he must search for the perfect burger. Five Guys is way up on his list.

So, what a week! Anyone out there do anything besides hang out at the con?


*my preferred spelling is crummy, but I decided I ought to read The Catcher in the Rye, you know, since I never did in school, and he uses crumby a LOT. (But in my head, when I spell it crumby, I always hear the "b" which cracks me up.)


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I went for one walk. I think I did one quick-trip to the market. The rest of the time, I was WriteOnCon-ing. I had such a great time and learned some amazing things. I, too, am in total awe of the organizers.
By the way, anyone who didn't see Shelley's video presentation there must run over right now. So hilarious.
What a fun anecdote about the family who bought your books as party favors! They would be perfect gifts to take home. Great idea.
All smiles today.

Katie said...

Oh that food looked soooooo good!!!!!!! Now, I'm hungry.

I loved writeoncon too! What a terrific idea!

I love the party favor idea too. adorable!

PJ Hoover said...

I'm with you on the withdrawal! I keep wanting to buzz over and check for new content. I seriously need to go to more writing conferences.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Yeah, my head's still swimming from all that great content!

You'll have to drive up to Solvang and try the burgers at Firestone Taproom. They have a chipotle sauce that my husband swears by :)

Myrna Foster said...

WriteOnCon was fabulous. And so is Happy Birthday, Good Knight. What a great party favor!

Anonymous said...

Great idea giving books for birthday party favors. I'm giving books and book gift cards this year to everyone on my Christmas gift-giving list.

WriteonCon was interesting. I didn't spend as much time on the site as I had wanted to, but plan on going back and catching up on what I missed.

Have a great weekend!

storyqueen said...

Tricia-Yup. the Con was such fun. But it is good to get back to work. I am glad you enjoyed the was an experience all right!

Katie-I am hungry, too, and I just work up. Durn that burger picture!

PJ-Good to know I'm not alone. I miss the buzz.

Sherrie-Fireston Taproom.. Got it. It's on the list now.

Myrna-It would be the PERFECT favor if it came out in paperback....but I just don't know if it ever will.

Susanne-You'll have to go back and check it all out. there was so much good stuff. I loved the LIVE events best.

Lenny said...

hi miss shelly! im glad you had fun confrencing. i like the idea of books for a party favor. i got a birthday in october and if i get a party im gonna do that. i love mcdonalds happy meals but my brothers and my sister dont so im gonna tell them about that 5 guys place. that picture looks pretty yummy! :)
...smiles from lenny

Kelly said...

WriteOnCon was seriously great. I came away from it much informed and much inspired.
Those sandwiches look darn good. My hubby and I sometimes order and split things too. We love food!
Books for party favors is such a fabulous idea! I gave coloring books as favors once, but why haven't I thought of books?! Though I always do include a book with the gift for my kids' friends bdays.

Sarah said...

Books as party favors--what a neat idea! I remember the plastic crap. I think my mom did throw that stuff away...

Jackee said...

I like crumby better too! And I love Happy Birthday, Good Knight--wish I lived closer so I could have gotten mine signed as well. :o)

This weekend was my 11th wedding anniversary so we had a great, little local vacation. It was wonderful!

Have a great week, Shelley!

Laura Pauling said...

Last week it was WriteonCon and cleaning my house for company! But I felt a little withdrawal afterwards. Then I realized I could go back to revising! ;)

Dawn Simon said...

My husband recently came home with a burger recipe that sounded weird yet intriguing. He loves to cook (unlike me), so he tried them. So. Good.

What an awesome idea for party favors!

Have a great week, Shelley! :)

Tabitha Bird said...

Ooh that is a cool thing to give as a part favor. I often give picture books as baby shower gifts. I think that bub will have enough clothes and diapers. But who is looking after their reading lists? Hmmmm! :))

storyqueen said...

Lenny-Hi! (I love McDonald's, too...but don't tell anyone.)

Kelly-I gave coloring books once, too, but I never gave books. But I'm going to this time!

Sarah-That plastic junk dug a huge hole in my foot once when I stepped on some accidentally. Aaauuugghh, the agony!

Jackee-thank you! And Happy Anniversary...maybe that should be the next Good Knight Book....hehehe.

Laure-Good luck with the cleaning. Better you than me!

Dawn-My husband grinds his own meat. Seriously.

Tabitha-I love giving books at baby showers, too!

Kim said...

I have given books as party favors. The Big Ballerina had a mystery party so we gave out Nancy Drew books.

We just had lunch at Five Guys yesterday! But if I were in your area, I probably would have opted for In-N-Out instead. Oh, how I miss that place!

AND...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new profile pic! Was it taken professionally for your upcoming book?!??!?!