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Monday, February 7, 2011

Inner Dork Revealed


It's true.

I mean, who else but a total dork like myself would get so excited to receive this in the mail?

Yes. I know. I complain that I have no time to put a dirty dish in the dishwasher....but now I can make my own CAULDRON CAKES!! And Guinness Stew for Children (wha?)

Anyway, I am jubilant with my dorky little purchase, which would be more understandable were I twelve. But I am a far cry from twelve and yet, I am in the midst of planning my great-hall-style-feast!

And then, as if that weren't enough, I am in love with this:

I mean, don't you just love this little guy?

What dorky things do you love?



Aylee said...

omg! Want that cookbook! I would totally love to have a good recipe for butterbeer.

Catherine Denton said...

Um, that cookbook!

I own an Eowyn Barbie doll (from Lord of the Rings) that I got at Toys-R-Us for 98 cents. I think it was wrongly priced because, DUH, what a deal.

Hardygirl said...

So, you just made my morning. I'm watching again!

Dork sisters, UNITE!!!


Kelly said...

I love Marcel's voice!
And I have to get that cookbook! I have made Butterbeer from an online recipe.
I have a Star Wars cookbook and my youngest asked me before Christmas to make a SW Meal, and I said, "I said, After the holidays, we'll have the Star Wars meal." He must have asked a lot and I must have said that a lot because now he and my daughter mock me and say " I said, after the holidays!" all the time.
And it's after the holidays, so I better get on it soon.

Susan R. Mills said...

I guess we're both dorks!

Jackee said...

I saw that cookbook in the bookstore the other day! Totally fun. :o)

Dorky things I like are science fairs, kid's books, and dissecting owl pellets. :o)

Have a great day, Shelley! I love your brand of dorkiness!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

My son would LOVE that cookbook. And his birthday's coming up. Hmmm...

Nisa said...

I was just thinking what a dork I was for liking Wizards of Waverly Place, but, man, that cook book is cool! The boys and I would have so much fun in the kitchen!

We got all excited over a Tiana cookbook from Princess and the Frog not too long ago. Hey, the Jambalaya we made was excellent! :P

Renee Collins said...

LOL, that show cracked me up. It had the perfect tongue in cheek kind of humor to it. Love it. :)

Oh and @Catherine Denton, I own a fourteen inch Legolas doll, complete with detailed bow and arror. #awesomeness

Anonymous said...

Cool cook book!

Cute YouTube video.

Christina Lee said...

AWW but your such a sweet dork! And we may have been separated at birth! LOVE! xo

p.s. I wanted to reply directly to your blog comment on my post but your email is not linked to your name on your blogger acct. *sadness* Anyway, I enjoyed your self-rant ;-)

Kim said...

oh, that Marcel is the cutest shell ever! I love his little voice. So clever.

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, that's so cute. I want to come to your great-hall-style feast!

Carla said...

How fun! I agree with Aylee--I want some butterbeer!

~Carla @

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Oh, I want a Marcel!

storyqueen said...

Aylee-You're not going to believe this...but not Butterbeer recipe!!! Wha? Pumpkin juice, yes, but not BB. *tears up a little.*

Catherine-I am so jealous of your Eowyn Barbie! The only thing better than a cool dorky things is a cool dorky thing on sale!

SF-Maybe Dorks with Sporks....?

Kelly-THERE IS A STAR WARS COOKBOOK??? How did I not know about this?

Susan-It appears we are in good company!:)

Jackee-Dissecting owl pellets? Um...yuck...unless they were Hedwig's, I guess.....

Shannon- you would not believe all of the cake recipes!!

Nisa-I have the Tiana cookbook, too! And yes, the jambalaya is not bad at all!

Renee-We are going to have to unite Legolas and Eowyn somehow....

Susanne-Isn't Marcel the best. I just love his attitude on life...

Christina- we might have been! And my email is on the web/blog page somewhere...but I probably should have linked it to my profile. I'll do it sometime if I can remember how....

Kim-My girls and I are walking around the house trying to sound like him....dork festival.

Corey-I'll let you know when it is!
(Too much fun food to choose from...) BB recipe, which is kind of lame. but I did have some at HP World over the summer and it was SWEET and a little greasy....meh.

Tricia-I want a Marcel, too! He is so adorable. I really identify with him when he drags the lint around by a hair...that was me as a kid, except that I had an ant in a box for a pet since my parents were against cats and dogs.