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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Plans...and Happy Birthday!

A few months ago, a very cool librarian from the Chicago area contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in coming to do a "Library Tour" to help celebrate their summer theme of A Midsummer's Knight's Read.  Amazingly, everything worked out with my schedule (they were willing to wait until after my job finished for the summer and after my daughter graduates from highschool *sniff*).  So, I'm going to Chicago, baby!

So far, it looks like this:

Thursday, June 16
Des Plaines

Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18
Gail Borden
St. Charles

Monday, June 20
Gail Borden

Tuesday, June 21

I'll put more details up on my events page on my website.  But I am so excited to go!  Never been to Chicago before and I am planning a little deep-dish pizza exploration.

Also, Looks like I will be teaching a Young Author's Class for the Carlsbad Educational Foundation again this summer.  This year it is from July 5-8, 9-12:30 p.m.  You can email me for more information.  storyqueen at

AND I will be visiting the libraries of Camp Pendleton on July 13th, for their Midsummer's Knight's Read, too!

And then there is this:

 Yes, Mikey the dog tried to eat another puppet!  This time it was a monkey named Oreo.  He is hopeless.  If you listen, you can hear him barking a few times in the background.  We filmed outside this time, just because we could, you know?

I am usually not concerned at all with blog-stats or anything, but my videos have been watched on youtube over 100 times!  (combined number, of course.)  I know that is nothing in the youtube world, but in my little mind, I imagine that I have just read bedtime stories to 100 kids.  (Yeah, I know, it's probably not even kids at all.  Just people who somehow got there by mistake and are thinking, "Well, now, what in the world is this?  Who is that old lady?  She looks like Lucius Malfoy with a crown on.  Why does she keep letting that dog eat her puppets?")

Oh well.

But if you do have kids, bring them over! Let the ol' StoryQueen read to them!  I mean, this last video is 9 minutes long...that's enough time to shower. Just sayin'.

And then there is this:

 Coming out on June 9th.  (Except that Shhhhhh....we are having a pre-release party at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside on June 7th.)



See, my daughter graduates on my release day, and school ends the next day sooooooooo.....what's an author supposed to do?

This post is too long.  Sorry.



Jess said...

What fun! You keep telling us your life isn't glamorous, but clearly it is :)

By the way, I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and loved it! Here's to having a wonderful time :)

storyqueen said...

Jess-So, where do I go for deep-dish pizza? I will have Sunday to explore...

Kelly said...

Yay!!! I'll bring my kids and come see you, Shelley! Probably the Cary one. Are your tours in the evening or day hours (if evening may go to another due to baseball schedule)?
And any pizza is good pizza around these parts. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun! Sounds like you are going to have a great trip to Chicago.

Gin said...

Hello Storyqueen!
I will be hosting you when you come to Geneva this summer - I've enjoyed following your blog and look forward to meeting you in person :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wow, you're going to be busy. Too bad I'm not where near Chicago. :P

Lydia K said...

You ARE a busy bee! Wow, that's so cool you're touring!

Hilary Wagner said...

Oh, maybe I can come see you!! How much fun! What a great thing to be a part of!

xoxo -- Hilary

storyqueen said...

Kelly-I just checked, the Cary session is 10:30 a.m. Yay! I can't wait to meet you and hear your fabulously low voice in person!

Susanne-I am very excited. I love to go new places.

Gin!! Yay! I am so excited to visit you in Geneva. It is going to be a royal blast! (Get it? A royal blast??)

Stina-Don't feel bad...I'm not anywhere near Chicago, either! Luckily, the fine librarians of the city are helping me out a bit.

Lydia-I suppose it IS kind of like a I'll have to get a big fat head, I think.

Hilary-Yes!! Come! I would love to see some bloggy friends. You can even bring a rat or two, if you like. I promise my dragons won't eat them!

Dawn Simon said...

You have so much great stuff going on! I hope to meet you in person someday, Shelley! :)

Laura Pauling said...

That will be so cool. What a great library tour. And 100 sounds like a lot to me too!

Carla said...

How exciting! I've never been to Chicago either...the pizza does sound fun! Good luck with all your adventures...I can't wait to hear all about them!


Paige Keiser said...

Oooh a tour! How cool! I was born at Camp Pendleton hospital btw :)

The video was so adorable! I wish I had a British accent.

Christina Lee said...

Wowoee you busy lady, you!!!! How exciting is all of that (and I love Chicago)!! xo

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Look at that awesomely busy schedule, you popular girl! So . . . when are you coming to Montana? :-)

Janet Johnson said...

How fun for you! Chicago deep dish pizza is very good.

And you asked about Anglelina's in Paris on my blog. It was good, and very expensive. I'm not a huge chocolate person, so it was fun to do, but not essential. I probably won't do it again.

BUT if your daughter LOVES chocolate and wants to experience a fun little bit of culture in Paris (by the Tuileries), definitely worth it.

Congrats to you and to your daughter!

Jackee said...

LOL! Travel, library visits, graduations, a new book release, and a hundred youtube hits! So many great things going on with you, Shelley.

Thanks for helping me get a shower... it was so entertaining I had to hit replay so I could watch it. lol

Have a great long weekend!

Jackee said...

P.S. Wish the release was July in Oceanside--I'll be there the end of the month for vacation. :o)

Myrna Foster said...

Gwenyth and I loved the video! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to show it to the others.