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Monday, August 8, 2011

So...I Have Map


My children's novel is going to have a map.

Not that I am new to the whole map thing.  I mean, Jennifer Plecas (my illustrator for A GOOD KNIGHT'S REST) put a map in that book:
Could it be more adorable?  I mean, just look at it!  And, there's the added bonus that a map makes it easier (and more fun)
for a child to retell a story.  Look!  You can follow the exact path the dragons took!
Hmm...that mountain is almost as cool as this mountain:
Behold the amazingness!  (I took this in Yosemite on Saturday.)  Theodore Roosevelt is now my favorite president for creating the National Parks Act (or whatever it was called.)

Anyway, my new book, THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET is going to have a map!!  They even had me sketch a lame version, but an actual artist is going to do the one for the book. Thank Heavens, or you would be looking at something with scribbles and stick trees.  I am so excited to have a map.  I mean, it probably won't be as intricate as this map:

(I really wish I could take my Lego people and play with them on this map!! My micro Indiana Jones, Obi-wan, and Harry Potter could wage some epic battles--What?  You don't play with your kids' toys?  Sure you don't.)

But a map!  A map!  Yay!

I would squee, but I am a queen, and hence far too dignified for squeeage.  But you can imagine that I am sitting in my throne clapping, if you like.  I clap like Dumbledore, with only two fingers on each hand.  It's a very classy way to clap.

Try it sometime.

I guess I am so excited about getting a map because I was the kind of kid who loved drawing maps, who loved watching pirate movies (just because they were likely to have a map!), who loved imagining imaginary places....

And now I get one!


Are there any books with maps you love?


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

A map! A map! My kingdom for a map!
Yes, one of my fantasy novels, I drew a map. I had such fun (poor neglected story it is now)
I can't wait to see Trinket in all its glory and mapified.

Kelly said...

You are cracking me up!
I am very happy for your map. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Maps are very, very cool. My glorious boxed edition has 2 maps that I would pore over for hours! :)

Jess said...

I drool over book-type maps! I love them! Always have. Even on road trips~there's nothing better than going to a tourist town and grabbing one of those cartoon maps that has all the locations of restaurants, landmarks, etc.

Love the Lord of the Rings maps, the Candyland map (okay, so it's not a book), Winnie the Pooh maps, you name it. Can't wait for Trinket to come out :)

storyqueen said...

Tricia-Poor neglected story! You are probably working on something even more awesome now!

Kelly-Well, as long as it's not the map on Dora the Explorer. I hate that map.

Jemi-Yes! I would just stare at maps (not road maps, but cools maps) for hours.

Jess-Loved Candyland! (and the Game of Life map, too!)

Laura Pauling said...

That's awesome. I think maps are a cool addition esp. to flip back to while reading. So cool.

Lydia K said...

I love a map in a story! It's like having a key. They make the story feel more real and so special.

Aylee said...

Awesome! I love maps in books. I also like to clap like Dumbledore sometimes.

Christina Lee said...

*snort* I love that you clap like Dumbledore!!! Okay my 7 yo is completely and totally all about MAPS (and LEGOS)-- so now we are really excited to own your books!!! xoxoxo

Anita said...

My kids love books with maps...tehy keep going back to the map and checking things. I'm happy for you!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

You're too cute, Shelley. Love the two finger clap. Very dignified.

I'm not a 'map in a book' kind of person--except for in picture books. And I couldn't imagine drawing one. Are we going to get to see yours? :D

Anne Spollen said...

Oh, maps - they make the world you create come alive! The Hobbit books had maps in some of the versions and we used to look at them forever. They spark things, those maps. Yay!

Matthew MacNish said...

The Games of Thrones intro is incredible. I'm pretty sure it will win some awards. And I LOVE books with maps! I have ever since LOTR. They're so much more fun.

Doralynn Kennedy said...

I would squee, but I am a queen, and hence far too dignified for squeeage -- oh, you made me laugh out loud. I'm so pleased you got a map! Congratulations all the way around -- especially on the map!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I absolutely adore the idea of a kid's book with a map for retelling!

(I know, I know, the nerdy teacher in me can't help showing her face.)

That's totally awesome!

Catherine Denton said...

Oh, the deliciousness of maps. So delighted that your Queenage will have a map of her own!
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Margo Berendsen said...

Maps! Oh I love maps! In fact when you had your giveaway earlier this summer and revealed that you choose the winner using a MAP I was so enamoured of the idea I and promptly copied it (I meant to ask you first if it was okay to steal your giveaway idea, but I got carried away).

I used to pour over Tolkien's maps of Middle Earth. I think that is where my love started. But I've always loved my atlas, too.

I'm so happy to see another writer get excited about maps!