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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Live Blogging/Writing Day

I am about three fourths of the way done with a writing project and I just really need to kick it in gear and get a first draft of it finished before I go back to teaching on the 9th.  So, today I am going to do a series of timed writings to see how much I can crank out.

So far progress has been unsteady, with days of lots of words and days with VERY few.  I attribute that to the holidays, naturally.  But no more excuses!

So, I am starting my first chunk right now.  Wish me luck!

Okay, I just finished my first 1/2 hour timed writing.

word count:  466. 

 Not bad, but I can feel that I am stalling.  And I can't figure out why.  If I need for something kind of bad to happen to MC, then I just need to let it happen!!

Last line: 

True, I did not want to go wherever they were taking me alone, but one does not live as a princess for as long as I have without learning even a little about bravery and how important it is to have courage at all times, or at least appear that you do.

Going to have a little run and work some things out in my head.  Back in a bit!

9:55 The run was evil.  I went twice as far as usual just to avoid coming back and getting myself out of the fine mess I've gotten myself into!  Why did I think the public humiliation of not getting the writing done would spur me on to finish this book?  Why?  Why?

I will tell you why.  

Because it is strangely effective.

So, at 10:00 I am going to try for another 1/2 hour, then maybe have a little breakfast.  Something with a poached egg, I think.  I had something at a fancy schmancy restaurant the other night which was a chanterelle mushroom tarte with goat cheese, frisee and a slow poached egg.  I have been dreaming about that egg.

Okay, I am off to the tower prison.  (Feeling a little cliche...perhaps all will not be what it seems.)


Word count: 701 (which makes for a total of  1156 so far!  Which pleases me to no end!)

Got out of the tower, thank goodness.  Not a big fan of towers, really, except the one I saw a Blarney Castle which wasn't dark and dreary at all.

So, off to eat a little breakfast and perhaps do some laundry (ugh...but the clothes must be cleaned!)

Last line:

    It could not have come at a less opportune time, but I felt the itch in my fingers to paint. 

Had to run and get cold medicine for sick people...poor things.  And I've for a dr.'s appt. myself here in a bit, so I am going to try and squeeze in 1k in 1 hour starting in 11 minutes.  It's nice because once the words start flowing, it is easier to pick up where you left off and keep going.  (And I bought myself a little present when I was out medicine moleskines!!)

Yes.  I should have a sign above my desk:  Will Write For Rewards.
Well, I'm off to hit the pages!


word count: 742 (but a neighbor stopped by and we had to show them how to play Fruit Ninja on the Kinect)

So, off to the doctor now, more later.

Oops!  Forgot the last line: We spun and spun and for a moment, I let myself believe that this would, indeed, be far better than returning.
 4:40 Back from dr. with a nasty case of asthmatic bronchitis.  Lovely.  But at least I have a fresh inhaler to get me through.  It is quiet in the house now, so I am thinking of doing another one-half hour, but I am almost positive there will be an interruption.  Such is the day.  And soon I am going to a friend's house for little holiday get-together (to which I am bringing the famous Thomas cheese ball) but then I hope to have most of the evening for writing.

8:58 p.m.

So that rest of the evening for writing thing SO did not happen.  But holidays are for friends and gatherings, thus sometimes I have to go counter to my hermit tendencies and get out a bit.

However, I did manage 169 more words, bringing the total for the day to 2067 words!  (Honestly, not a much as I had hoped, but I am always grateful for whatever progress I make.  Writing is not a race to be won, but a life to be lived.)

last line: “What are you doin’, you foolish lad?”


And thanks for the twitter encouragement, everyone!


Myrna Foster said...

My drafting has been really erratic, as well. I have company this week and lots of family stuff (Dad's 75th birthday, niece's wedding, Risk until 2 am, ditch digging marathons).

Writing over 2,000 words, especially with asthmatic bronchitis, is pretty awesome. Go, you!

Jessie Oliveros said...

This post is brilliant. You are so funny. (I am also a fan of poached eggs, and sometimes I dream about them.)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Cool post, Shelley!

I think I'll start doing timed writing after everyone goes back to school and work. Great idea!

Have a very Happy new Year!

sonia said...

I haven't been able to work since my daughter is on vacay until Tuesday. Been itching to! \
Have a happy new year!