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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Odds and Ends

Goodbye February!

Seriously, don't let the door hit your bum on the way out.

Yay for March!

First things first--on Saturday, March 3rd, I will be appearing at a fabulous Read and Romp event in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Details are here .  Proceeds benefit Reach Out and Read, a pediatric literacy program.

*dusting off my striped hat/crown combination*

Let's see, what else is new?

Well, I bought a stuffed Yoda yesterday to use at class meeting time.  (It's a thing where whoever is holding the special object is the only one who gets to speak...and I could not think of a more special object than a stuffed Yoda.)

I am about to dive into edits on a newish mg book.  I got some great (as in helpful) feedback from my agent but I am holding off until the weekend to start.  (We've got two concerts in two days coming up.  Vocal jazz on Thursday and show choir on Friday.  I shall be officially concerted out by Saturday, I fear.)  But back to the writing, I am almost done with a bit of restructuring I did on Keelie of the Lake.  I had been letting that one sit for a while until I could figure out what it needed.  I think I found it and should be done soon.

I've been reading a delightful manuscript for a friend and am typing up a teeny bit of feedback.

I have two picture book drafts complete, but in that simmering stage. The great thing about a picture book draft is that they either get better with age (like a fine wine) or they start to stink (like garbage.)  I am hoping I have written  champagne, but only time will tell if I have indeed penned swill (or not.)

I should make a list of March goals, since it is one of my favorite months....but since it is still cruddy old Feb., I am going to be lazy and do it in the next post. I think I will hail the new month with Corned Beef!!  Yes, every March should be welcomed with Corned Beef (and yeah, I know they didn't really eat it in Ireland, they ate Irish bacon.  People started the whole Corned Beef thing here in America.  True.)

Well, Happy March!


P.s.  Um, this is so embarrassing....but look!

 My husband said, "I liked your book on Amazon today."  I said, "I liked it yesterday, so there." Yeah, so there.  So ridiculous, but the sight of Trinket makes me happy in an all over kind of way.


Kelly Polark said...

Love Yoda I do!

How exciting to see Trinkets on Amazon. I liked it too. I guess I didn't realize you could do that!

I'm working on a picture book right now for a small company. I'm hoping to be done with the first rough draft this week. I mean it will be done! It's almost there, but my writing usually flows naturally,and I'm a little stuck for some reason.

Crystal said...

Dr. Suess was he best wasn't he? :-)

Laura Marcella said...

That stuffed Yoda is so adorable!! I want one!

Good luck with your picture book drafts, Shelley!

Christina Lee said...

Aww!! I want to do the speak/object thing with my own family during discussions. Hmmm....

Julie Dao said...

I love it! Yoda is the perfect idea for a special object :) And I just "liked" your book on Amazon too - it looks wonderful! So exciting that it's on the site!

Myrna Foster said...

I liked it, too. And I'm glad it's March. :o)

Hardygirl said...

I absolutely need that Yoda to sit and stare at me while I work. He can perch next to my Tim Gunn "make it work" bobble head.

And yes--YAY MARCH!!!

I'm heading over to "like" you on Amazon.
Because I do :-)


Anonymous said...

That stuffed Yoda is so cute. Everyone in your class is going to want to hold him. : )

I'm glad that March is finally here. Can I hope we've seen the last of the snow? I know, I know, the possibility of snow is still there.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Hedlund said...

I bought that very same stuffed Yoda for my son for Christmas. *cue mysterious music* :-)

Charmaine Clancy said...

I want to hold Yoda!
Have liked your book too, you're getting quite a few!
Wagging Tales

Sherrie Petersen said...

Ha! I just liked it today :) And like Kelly, I had no idea you could even do that on Amazon!