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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Week In Numbers

Number of times I watched a mid-school production of High School Musical = 4

Number of Star Wars valentines given out = 31

Number of Origami Yodas and/or Darth Papers I received = 3

Number of eighths of pizza eaten by students on Valentine's day = 32 (Yes, as a matter of fact I am teaching fractions right now.)

Number of headaches due to school-wide evaluation = 1 (but it was a very big one)

Number of times I had to listen to Moves Like Jagger in the car with daughter = WAY too many

Number of four-leaf clovers found = 2

Number times I cried while reading THE FAULT IN OUR STARS = 2

Number of pages I revised = 57

Number of purses I wanted to buy = 1

Number of purses I actually bought = 0

Number of times I cleaned my desk = 1

Number of random items I removed from my desk = 21

Number of days I have off in a row starting today = 4!!!

Number of hours I am going to sleep tonight = a lot



RachelMaryBean said...

Two four leaf clovers? You will have a very lucky four days off. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

You've had a busy week! 2 4-leaf clovers is pretty incredible too :) Enjoy the weekend!

Kelly Polark said...

That is a busy week! Enjoy your four day weekend! (I am enjoying a long weekend myself.)
You just reminded me that I haven't read Darth Paper yet! I have it somewhere on my bookshelf!
My son gave out Star Wars Lego valentines too. I was a lucky recipient! :)

Roxy said...

That is an amazing list! Your life sounds full and busy. I think that you should buy the handbag, however. And then take a long nap. Lots of sleep and a new bag can compensate for many things, even HSM and Moves Like Jagger.

Laura Marcella said...

I don't think I've ever found one 4-leaf clover. That's pretty lucky of you to find two! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your week!

Dawn Simon said...

Sounds like a great--and busy--week! :)

Julie Dao said...

You found TWO four-leaf clovers?! Luck is on your side! Hope you had a great weekend, Shelley.

Lydia Kang said...

You were a busy bee. I can't stand that Moves Like Jagger song. So with you there.