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Monday, March 19, 2012

Too Chicken, a Safari, and Other Junk


I just finished a revision where I had to deconstruct then reconstruct the entire story.

It was hard.

But I think the story is better for it.

However, I am too chicken to  hit the send button tonight.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Yes, I'll let it sit for one more night.

But now I have to decide where to focus my writing attention.  Something completely different, I think.

I'd like to write something about a rocky kingdom inhabited by seal people and someone who must stay with them but does not belong.

I'd like to write about a girl adventurer who can travel through the past and is accompanied by a chimpanzee butler.

I'd like to write something fantastically EPIC.

I'd like to write something so small, so incredibly small, that every word of it rings with truth (even though it will all be made up stuff.)

I want to write something that makes my heart sing and long for the feel of  a black keyboard beneath my fingers.

I want to write of animals, exotic animals, and their friendships.

I want to write about embarrassing things, like the wrong words at the wrong time.

I want to write about the tiniest pair of shoes ever made, who made them, and the maiden they were made for. (Say that seven times fast!)

I want to write about  safaris, jungles, and characters in pith helmets with British accents.

I want to write a picture book that is so disgustingly, amazingly simple in idea and format, yet has NEVER yet been done.

There is nothing so freeing as finishing up on something...even though you know you aren't really finished with it...even though you know something else will soon enough take it place.


PS.  A child asked me the other day if I had any advice for people who wanted to write books.  Here it is--but it goes for everyone, even those folks who don't want to write books.  Here it is:

Use your powers for good.

That's all.


Matthew MacNish said...

You should do them all.

Julie Dao said...

And I want to read them all, everything you write!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

It's time to take all those ideas and put them in the sugar pot of doom (sorry, I think it has another name but I can't remember what!) Anyway, then you can draw one out and have at it. :)
Have I told you lately I love your ideas?

Sarah said...

I vote for the chimpanzee butler!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Oh Shelley -- the story ideas you come up with! No wonder this is the story queen's castle!!