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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Excuse Me, Waiter? I'd Like Some Fall, Please.

What is going on with this weather?  Really.  I mean, it is now OCTOBER!!  Can I have an occasional cool breeze or something?

I am so ready for it to feel like Fall.

I want to wear sweaters.

I want to NOT have the play the Chipmunk version of Party Rock Anthem so that my students will dance raise the temperature the requisite one more degree needed for the A/C to kick on.

I want to run through leaves that crunch under my feet.

I want to drink spiced apple cider.

I want to wake up to Fog and Mist.

I want to wear my new BOOTS!!

I want to smell the wonderful fragrance of fireplaces in the brisk evening air.

I want to eat a marshmallow toasted on  Autumn bonfire.

I want to make soup and apple crisp.

My goodness, am I whiny tonight or what?  Chalk it up to the lovely cold I am nursing.  Having a cold in the heat is kind of cruddy, in case you were wondering.

And I want to write something good.  My well has been fairly dry as of late--second guessing every word I put down on the page.  Is this good enough?  Does it reek of trying too hard?  And the minutes that I am able to scrap together are choppy at best, as are the words that fill them.   I have convinced myself that if it only really felt like Fall, everything would be better.  Better food.  Better smells.  Better writing.

So bring on the Fall!


Favorite signs of Fall, anyone?


Laura Marcella said...

I love when the leaves change, especially to orange. I love the crunch and shuffle of leaves when I walk through them. I love all things apple and pumpkin. And I love that it's my birthday in two weeks!!

I hope autumn comes your way soon, Shelley. Good luck with what you're writing!

sonia said...

Luckily, we've been waking up to fog every morning, so delicious. It will be in the high 70's today though... I do hope that this Autumn won't be like last year's where the leaves went from green to brown with no colorful inbetween. I too, want to smell the smoky stench of rotting vegetation and wood fires. And a cup of pumpkin cocoa wouldn't be amiss either...

Anonymous said...

Shelley, so sorry to hear that you have a cold. Not fun. : ( Feel better soon!

I like looking out my front door each day to see how much the leaves have changed color from one day to the next.

Christine Kopp said...

Signs of Fall:

Shorter days,
pumpkin scented candles glowing
and a lively fire in the fire place.

Jess said...

The Fall season in Colorado is too short for my taste~ we've basically got summer and winter, with a few weeks of Spring and Fall thrown in. I love when it gets cool enough for hot apple cider and stews!

Catherine Denton said...

I was feeling that way too and fall FINALLY arrived. In fact, the cold front came in so good that it almost felt like winter! I hope you get a cold front soon! Now you've got me thinking about apple crisp, yummm.
Catherine Denton

Matthew MacNish said...

It feels very much like Autumn here in Georgia, which is nice, because it's usually way too hot for me.