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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Henry

Yeah, well, what do you do when your life gets incredibly busy and hectic?

At the Thomas house, whenever things seem extremely crazed, bordering on out-of-control, we like to add another element into the mix, you know, just to spice things up.

hello.  yes.  I know.  I am adorable.
We got a puppy!!

His name is Henry.  It was going to be Harry, because I loved the irony of Harry/Hairy because that's what Springer Spaniels do--they leave HAIR everywhere.  But the look on his little face was just so wise.  He looked like a "Henry".  That is the name that stuck. (Plus, my daughters refuse to give their dog a "dog" name.  He must have a people name.)

In other news, I will be at the California Reading Association Conference on Saturday, signing books from 11:00 until around 2:00 at the Yellow Book Road booth.  It is held this year at the Town and Country Hotel   in San Diego.  If you happen to be there, stop by!  I'll have bookmarks and also discussion guides for THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET that are aligned with the Common Core Standards for FREE!

More soon, I promise!




Stephanie Thornton said...

Henry is absolutely adorable! (And a very regal name too--think of all the English and French King Henry's!)

And really, quite good thinking to add something new and fun to the mix. If life is already hectic, it's not like you'll really notice a little extra craziness, right?

Have a great weekend and a great event!

Anonymous said...

Henry is soooo cute! : ) Have a great book signing!

Elana Johnson said...

So cute! And I would love to be in San Diego this week!! Have fun.

Julie Dao said...

Look at that sweet face! He does look very wise, and I love the name "Henry" - it suits him perfectly!

Laura Marcella said...

Henry is so sweet and looks like he knows something we don't. The name is perfect for him!

Myrna Foster said...

He's adorable. Have you read HARRY, THE DIRTY DOG? It's one of my favorite picture books ever.