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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Signs That It's Almost Halloween

1. A real-live ginormous spider has moved into my tree and I can't even put that fake cottony spider-web stuff out there because his webs are even scarier and he sits in the middle of them.......waiting.

2.  A frightening aroma has entered  my house--puppy and puppy pee.  Thank God for scented candles.  (Yeah, I wanted new carpet anyway.)

3.  Already overdosed on candy-corn and can't bear to look at any candy at all.  (Except, I would eat Dots. I can always eat Dots.)

4. Recently terrified 120 5th graders with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (Although I have yet to tell The Ghost With One Black Eye.  Luckily there are still a few more days.)

5. Listened to my first Christmas Carol of the year.  Wait. WHAT???   Well, that's how I know that it's almost Halloween--when I start getting ready for Christmas.  Only so many hours in the day.

6.  While I was running, at 5:30 a.m., I passed a house that had people int he front yard playing croquet. Did I mention it was 5:30 a.m.?  I am pretty sure they were ghosts.  Not kidding.

7.  Read a scary book.  Watched a scary movie.  Ate some popcorn. Yeah, an exciting life, I know.

But the crispness of Fall is finally in the air here in SoCal and I am ready Halloween.  Bring it on.

Signs of Halloween in your neighborhood?



Anonymous said...

I like Christmas. My favorite holiday of the year. But, the commercialization that comes along with it does seem to get moved up earlier and earlier each year. For the past month or so, there have been commercials on TV advertising Christmas movies starting in early November. There are even telltale signs of Christmas decorating going up in some of the stores and Halloween hasn't even passed yet.

OOPS! Sorry! You asked for signs that it is almost Halloween. I'd have to say that one thing is all the leaves sitting in people's yards. Not too many people rake them up before Halloween. Those that do rake their leaves, put them in those orange pumpkin decorated plastic bags. Another thing is the decorating that is done up at our clubhouse. Wooden pumpkins and wooden tombstones. I think maybe a ghost or two.

Julie Dao said...

Oooh the croquet-playing ghosts gave me chills. I know it's time for Halloween when pumpkin drinks and butternut squash soup become all the rage at every single coffee shop and restaurant, and when falling leaves start getting messy and annoying!

storyqueen said...

Susanne-I love Christmas, too. And I start thinking about it early...but November first is my official kick-off. Must get through Halloween 1st!

Julie-I know! What kind of real "alive"person plays croquet that early--unless they were still up from the night before--and drunk. Which isn't the norm for the neighborhood. Hmmm....

Jasmyne Wright said...

No signs for me, but I do have an eerie feeling around here.