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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End of January Goal Check-In

Well, my year of goals and gratitude it off to a rollicking start.

In terms of my goals for the month, let's take a look.  I was supposed to:

1.  Finish revisions of a new middle grade novel and decide on a title.  Well, I got a few more notes the other day, so I am still working on it, but soon. Soon.  And I think I'll keep the working title (for now, anyway.)  All in all, pretty pleased with this one.  Not a completed goal, but close.

2.  Write a new picture book.  Does it count if I am revising an old one?  Yes, let's say it does.  And that should be done tonight!  Ha-HA!  Very excited about this one. I am going to refer to it as KWAP, which sounds kind of funny when you say it, actually.

3. Look at Chicken Wizard again.  Oops.  I did not do this.  I kind of forgot because I was working on something that was not even on my goal list for January.  Sorry, Chicken Wizard, but I think I have to bump you to the next month.

4.  No, I did not have a fourth goal for January, but I ended up writing an early chapter book anyway!  Yay!  It is just the first draft, so if I decide to "keep" it, I know it will need revision.  Probably lots.  But it needs some time in the cooler before I make a decision.  I really like it, but it is pretty different from anything I've done, so I definitely need to wait until I can see it with fresh eyes.  It's name is Dingle.

My goals also include trying a new restaurant each month.  This month it was Urban Plates.  Folks, I can really get behind this whole farm-to-table movement.  This place is so good!  We went last night after my storytelling even at Ashley Falls Elementary School in Del Mar and I would have gone back again tonight except that I have a lot of work to do and it is kind of far away.
Photo take from their website.  I reckon they wouldn't mind.  I mean, I am talking about how good the food is and I suppose they would want people to see how good it looks, too.
  I'll end with what I am grateful for this month:

  • THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN by Katherine Applegate winning the Newbery award this year.  (Also thrilled that a few bloggers and librarians thought that THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET was a dark horse in the race that stood a chance (slim, most likely:) of getting an mention...heck, to have my book mentioned anywhere near books like IVAN was humbling and amazing.  Even though TRINKET'S chances were remote, I can't tell you what an honor it was that my book was a part of the conversation.)
  • Not cutting all my hair off.  Man, I was tempted. Some of those cute, choppy, pixie styles are just so, well, cute.  But instead, I just got it layered a bit and that made all the difference.  So much less scraggly. 
  • Three day weekends.  We had two this month.  Nice way to start the year.
Did you meet your goals for the month?  And what are you grateful for?



Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome that you were so productive. And what a great idea to try a new restaurant each month. My husband would love that.

I had so many emergencies at work (I'm an attorney) and a lot of blogging to catch up on after a two week break when I took my daughter to China for the holidays that I've been focusing on that and not writing this month. It should get better though not that we've gotten through January.

Matthew MacNish said...

You're doing great with your goals if you ask me!