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Saturday, March 23, 2013

On My Desk

This is why it is dangerous to get a bigger desk.

More junk fits on it.


On my desk today:

1. a green stabilo pen my daughter brought me back from Paris 2 years ago.

2.  my plastic Butterbeer cup from Harry Potter World.

3.  a camera

4. an Ireland UFO License for AREA-51 assigned to a person by the name of A. Leon.

5.  A duckling egg holder with a purple sharpie in it instead of an egg.

6. a random glass.

7. an Outback giftcard.

8. a grant application (completed!!)

9.  a half-full legal pad.

10.  a green moleskine that has seen better days.

11.  a composition book covered in big, red hearts.

12.  Early Poems of William Butler Yeats.

13. a page of stickers of fruits and icecream treats (including a bow-tie wearing banana)

14.  68 pages of a manuscript I am completely re-doing.

15. a picturebook manuscript masquerading as a big mistake.

16.  a list of 32 things I need to do before my parents arrive next week.

17. A brand new writing book with inspirational sayings on the front (Staples, $5 bucks.)

18.  A card I bought for myself with an Albert Einstein quote (It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.)

19.  a random spoon.

20.  a short stack of mini-bookmarks for Trinket.

So, after I clean my desk, maybe I'll be able to get some work done.  Seriously, though, how does it all pile up so fast????

Happy Spring!



Jess said...

Sounds like a busy and happy desk :) I saw those duckling egg holders at the store a few days ago and it killed me to pass them up (I was having a "STICK TO THE LIST!" day). Spent a bit of this fine Sunday morning rereading the banshee story in Trinket :)

Anonymous said...

I can't even get to my desk right now to see what all is on it. One of my spring cleaning projects. : )

Catherine Denton said...

Your desk sounds fun. Maybe after cleaning it, you could treat yourself to Outback. :)

Dawn Simon said...

At least it's all important stuff. :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!