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Monday, May 27, 2013

May Goals and Such

I don't even think I posted at the beginning of the month what my writing goals were.  I might have even forgot to make any.  Bad author.  Bad.  But such is the way of things somehow.  This has definitely been the month of stolen moments for writing.  Half an hour here, fifteen minutes there, and the occasional huge chunk of time that leaves me wondering exactly how to fill it with the words my story desperately needs.

The book in question is the one I wrote about selkies.  I have been struggling internally with the direction I want the story to go.  Originally, I had a vision of it, then I wrote it and let the story go where it wanted, but I am haunted by that first vision.  And I really want to try and make that happen.  Because the long and short of it is that I want this story to be beautiful.  I want it to be beautifully imagined.

Thus, I have been mired in struggle, but I've kind of liked it.  Strange to admit, but I am so attached to this story that the work of making it better, of making it "right" just makes me feel...good.

So, onward I write.

But just to prove how strange life is sometimes, here are some highs and lows of the week:

High:  I found out (via internet) that a little girl named her pet worm "Orla" after reading THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET and falling in love with that character. I can't tell you why this made me happy, but it did.

Low:  One of my students used his creative writing time in class to create multiple choice questions.  This hit me harder than I want to admit.  I know we just had state testing, but still.  STILL.

High:  Trinket made the BANK STREET COLLEGE BEST BOOKS 2013 LIST with a designation of Outstanding Merit.  The rocks my socks because when I was in college studying education, Bank Street was "where it was at" in terms of educational research and doing what was best for children. I am hugely honored.

Low:  The replacement air conditioner in my classroom broke.  Of course, I needed a replacement air conditioner because the original one broke, too.  It is supposed to be hot tomorrow.  So, I hereby designate tomorrow as the day of Dread and Sweat.  whoop.

High:  STAR TREK did not disappoint.  All I can say is that for the first time, I am totally excited about the proposed new STAR WARS movies.  We are in good hands with JJ Abrams.

Any writing highs or lows--or ups and down of general life?



Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Go, Orla! That is such a great anecdote.
And congratulations on yet another critical aclaim for Trinket!
As for selkies, I'm all for author immersion. ;)

Julie Dao said...

GREAT news, Shelley!!! I just bought a copy of Trinket for my friend's little daughter (she LOVES books and loves curling up in laps to be read to) and I foresee an afternoon of reading Trinket with her very soon.