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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Hermit Emerges from her Cave...or Lair....or Whatever

Occasionally, I do leave my desk in the summer.  

Last weekend, I went up to LA for the SCBWI international conference.  The first time I attended this conference was last summer, so I knew to expect that I would be completely overwhelmed.

Which.I.was.  Even though I knew what was coming.There is just so much good information and inspiration.  Many, many things to ponder, but little time to ponder it, because you are quickly off to the next session!  Aaaaiiiiiii!

But I had two main reasons for attending this year.  The first was to have a meeting with my agent, Joanna Volpe.  I had never met her in person, and she was just as cute and adorable as she sounds on the phone.  She gave a couple of presentations and spoke on the agent panel.  Let me just tell you how utterly proud I am to have this woman represent me.  And we had a little time to discuss a story I'm struggling with and to pinpoint exactly what and when something major (in terms of character arc) needs to happen for the story to hold together and gel at the end.  (And when I read her the synopsis, we both got a little a good, um, I hope.)

And I stupidly did not get a picture. Boo.  (But I am just going to admit that I am really lame at remembering to take pictures.  Just ask my children:(.)

I did, however, manage to get a picture of this guy:
This is Richard Peck.  As in THE Richard Peck--multiple Newbery Winner who gave THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET the following wonderful blurb:  "All storytellers have special powers, as Trinket learns on this incantational Irish odyssey to find her fate and her father."
When I heard Richard Peck was going to be at the conference, I knew I had to go and hear him speak.  He gave an amazing workshop entitled, You are only as good as your first line, and gave all of us pointers we will never forget. (Except that I am pretty sure he would disapprove of the first line of my new book--too long.)

So, those two people, Jo and Richard, are responsible for dragging me from my lair all the way up the coast to LA.  But, and this is a big but, there were even more amazing folks there!

However, I am afraid that will be a post for another day.  Somehow, it became August, and I have a love/hate relationship with August.  Right now, I am loving having some time to finish up a few things before school starts.  But soon, I will hate how rushed everything will become...alas.

I am getting ready to crack open Richard's new book:  THE MOUSE WITH THE QUESTION MARK TAIL and marveling at the wonder of summer--where I can sit down and read and not feel one bit guilty about it!



Jessica Lawson said...

What a great conference! And how nice to have met your agent and THE Richard Peck in person (love your dress in that photo)! Can't believe it's almost school time...

Catherine Denton said...

I want to go someday, it sounds incredible! So glad you got to meet your agent AND Mr. Peck.

Myrna Foster said...

I feel the same way about August. *sigh*

That's a fabulous pic--two of my favorite writers.

Julie Dao said...

That must have been an amazing experience! I hope to attend one day!