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Monday, December 23, 2013

Magical and Bookish

Merry  Christmas!  This is our fabulous Book Tree.  I have wanted to make one since last year.
 I think I need to work on height for next year, though.
It is when you think that things are going to get easier that they actually get harder.  Life is funny like that.

I keep thinking I will have time to post a blog, especially since I am now on break, but things haven't let up much around here.  Lots still to do to make Christmas happen.

However, I wanted to show you how magically bookish my students and I were as we prepared for the holidays this year before it was January and posting about Christmas in January is just, well....

Anyway, here are gifts we made for others.  Bookmarks, of course!!
That's a washer wrapped with embroidery thread.  Cute!

Love the creativity and use of color!

Ta-da!  Here is one being useful in our class read-aloud.

We had visited the "olde" parts of our city last week and decided to create our own little village, taking a tip from my favorite pop-up author, Robert Sabuda.

A tiny tea-light inside adds warmth.

The village grows.

I think that is a reindeer in the yard!
And now for the truly magical part.  I took my class to Legoland on Friday and they got to play in this:



Wishing you a holiday that is both magical and bookish!!