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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The New Book blurb #2

Se there's this book coming out in two weeks called SECRETS OF SELKIE BAY.  Perhaps you've heard of it?  (hahahaha!)

(I didn't make it as huge this time because I don't want you to get sick of the cover. I myself will never get sick of looking at it...)

Anyway, here's another blurb for my little book:

"Secrets of Selkie Bay lies somewhere between fantasy and reality, creating a wonderful place where readers can be both pragmatists and believers in all things magical, like the characters who inhabit the pages of this poignant, bewitching book. Shelley Moore Thomas has created a world layered with stories and mysteries and pain, one that calls like the sea, draws us in, and never lets go. After they turn the last page, readers will dream of seals and selkies and the deep love of family that shines in the darkest storms." - Nikki Loftin, author of Nightingale's Nest and Wish Girl

Yes, it's the same Nikki Loftin that wrote this: 

Oh, the creepy deliciousness!

And this:
Made me cry and that's the truth.

And this:

Image result for wish girl nikki loftin
Nikki Loftin just keeps getting better!

I am thrilled and honored to have her support for Secrets of Selkie Bay.

Come back tomorrow for our weekly Story School. Wait until you see what I've come up with!


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Dawn Simon said...

Your book looks and sounds beautiful! Congrats, Shelley!