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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Story School #4: The Selkie Edition

 Welcome back to Story School!  As you know, Story School is a place to play with ideas, to draft quick writes, and to just have fun. Last week's BIRTHDAY post had me writing a draft of a little (possible) book called I WANT CAKE. The rhythm is not quite right, but I will tinker with it more this summer and see if I can make it work.

Since it's Selkie Week, ( in honor of Secrets of Selkie Bay--see yesterday's post about all of that craziness!) I thought I'd use the whole theme of SHAPE-SHIFTING for inspiration.

Selkies, if you didn't know, are magical seals that can turn into people if they take their sealskin coats off. And if they put the coats back on, then they turn back into seals. However, if you take a seal's coat while they are in their human form, they cannot change back until they get the coat back!  

But selkies are not the only mythological shape-shifters. 

There are legends of werewolves:

Leshies (creatures that change from people into plants...think of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Kitsune (a Japanese fox with many tails that can shift into human form)

Pooka ( a horse/human shapeshifter--I wrote about one of these in The Seven Tales of Trinket)

Encantado (from Brazil--can change from a dolphin to a human)

You get the idea. Or you can create your own shape-shifter. Maybe your character shifts from human to broccoli form. (Gross, I know). Or maybe a shape-shifting mouse--that would be fun and cute. I have a story about a dog that shapeshifts into an otter that I really love. I will probably work on that story this week.

Anyway, Have fun. Write what you want. And if you want to share it with me, you can at

Happy writing!


PS I loved the poems and stories this week!  Thanks for sending. And J, I would totally read a book called, CAKE DANCE!  Great idea!

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