Saturday, May 22, 2010


Number of words in synopsis:  572

Number of thing on Saturday To Do List:  20

Number of things removed from back of fridge:  28

Number of stifled gags:  2

Number of sneezes due to hideous cold:  9

Number of times Glee Volume 3 has been played:  3

Number of holes in the sweater I am wearing:  3

Number of pages complete on the WIP:  1

Number of laundry loads so far:  2

Number of laundry loads projected for today:  7

Number of time I have taken a break from cleaning and checked the internet:  Too Many

Number of times I wished I was in Paris:  a billion



Tricia J. O'Brien said...

If you go to Paris can I come, too? :D

Catherine Denton said...

Number of times I laughed reading this post: 3
Winged Writer

Lydia Kang said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the number of gags...I am avoiding cleaning out my fridge.
And I'm with you on the Paris part!

Jackee said...

How cute you are! Your day looks about like mine... only I'm not as productive. :o)

Remind me to buy you one of those "Paris on my mind" stickers one of these days!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! So cute. Number of gags was my favorite too.

Myrna Foster said...

Ew to fridge cleaning! I'm sorry about the hideous cold. My family has it too.

storyqueen said...

Tricia-Yes! Number of pastries would eat....a bunch!

Catherine-Thank you...number of times I lied about how many gross things I really took out of the fridge: 1(the actual number grew when I got to the produce drawers....ugh)

Lydia-Yeah...number of gags...gross. Number of good plastic containers thrown away because I was too afraid to open them: 2

Jackee- you know, Paris is probably far more likely to be on the back of my car than in my near future! Number of tasks I finished yesterday:11

Corey-Number of gags was my least favorite....because gagging is gross! Speaking of gross, number of times I had to use a spatula to remove gunk from a shelf: 2

Myrna: I am going to kick this cold's BUTT! (If only the wretched sneezing will stop.) Number of kleenexes used last night: unimaginable.

Unknown said...

Your blog looks like so much!!! I love the picture of you with all the children, it's fantastic!

I love your tallies, it's brilliant! That's quite a few things to remove from back of fridge, I go through that quite a few times!!!

I LOVE GLEE!! I'm ready for this weeks episode, bring on GAGA!

Anne Spollen said...

What a creative way to narrate your day! Lol...

Ann Marie Wraight said...

I don't live in Paris - but will the mountains of mainland Greece do?

Tell me when to air the bed/s if yes!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha! You are so fun, Shelley! :-)

storyqueen said...

Jen-Glee is what makes Tuesdays livable. seriously.

Anne-Thanks...number of days I wish were in a weekend-4

Ann Marie-I'd even be happy sleeping on the floor!!! Ah, Greece....

Shannon-Thank you...number of days until school is depressing to count!

Nishant said...

How cute you are!
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Nishant said...

So cute. Number of gags was my favorite too.
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