Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ode to Middle Grade Writers...With Links!

Okay, so I'm not really writing an ode today. Oh, I could.  But I don't think you really want me to do that.

What happened is that my handwriting on the legal pad near my computer is so illegible that I thought Link to Middle Grade Writers said Ode to Middle Grade Writers.  It took me five minutes to figure it out.  Oh, I know what you are thinking.  Nobody's handwriting is that bad.  

Yes.  Mine is.  You would not believe how many teachers in high school were thrilled when I learned how to type.

And it's hard when you have messy handwriting.  People (especially teachers) judge you by the messiness of it and, well, they tend to think you are not as smart as you might be.  On the upside, teachers were often surprised that beneath the sloppy Bs and the what was going on here Ws, there was a kid with a bit of a brain and a large amount of creativity.

I liked to think that I wasn't lazy.  I liked to think that Mrs. Sanders, my fifth grade teacher, was right and that my brain just moved too fast and my hand couldn't keep up with it.  (Thank you, Mrs. Sanders!)

Oh, how I longed for lovely was not that I didn't practice.  It was not that my fine motor skills completely stank (or is it stunk?  sorry.)  It was just something that was beyond me.

But just because the handwriting was awful did not mean I couldn't grow up to be a writer.  And any of you kids reading this who have handwriting like mine (you know who you are), fear not.  If you are a writer in your heart, then your hand will eventually follow.  (And that's why they have keyboards:)

But this was supposed to be about links!

Some middle grade authors have gotten together and created some group blogs.  I love to read group blogs because you get a taste of several different writers at one place.  One stop shopping! (Click on the words, not the pictures for the links!)

Lots of new middle-grade authors and writers post here.  Don't you love the soap?  You'll find out about lots of new books here.

Okay, this one is not strictly middle-grade.  It's emphasis is fantasy, so they welcome all children's fantasy writers, picture book to young adult.  Some really fascinating posts here.

Okay, so I was a little naughty on this one...I directed you to a page where there is an interview with my editor, Beth Potter (no relation to Harry, she assures me...but I think she has at least a little bit of magic!) And she mentions my book!!!  ( the end!) I would squee, but it is early and I don't want to wake the sleepy heads, so I'll just do a happy dance.  There.  Be glad you didn't have to see it.)

So, enjoy your foray into middle grade blog land. 

And, since I am linking stuff, I really liked this post by Jane Yolen about her on-line journal and why it is a journal and not really a blog.  Good stuff.  As for me, my blog is a journal/blog, I suppose.  I write in order to think and process...but I write to communicate with you as well.  

Jane Yolen. I just love how honest her posts are about the writing life.  Just love.



Jess said...

I was always jealous of girls with good handwriting. Perky, bubbly, girly handwriting. I have my suspicions that they practiced at home to make it that cute.

Off to read Ms. Potter's interview :) said...

Great set of links thanks. My hand writing is attrocious! :O)

Kelly Polark said...

I adore Jane Yolen.
Thanks for the heads up on these. I hadn't heard of the last one!!

Kelly Polark said...

Hello, I'm back after reading the interview with your editor. The editor of your mg.
Did I miss this? How did I miss this???

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh my goodness, I have the worst handwriting! Whenever I send someone a book, I always include a notecard and usually I have to fight the urge to apologize for how awful my handwriting is. I think perhaps I'm too impatient.

MG Higgins said...

Thanks for the great links. I was only aware of one of them. And as for: "my brain just moved too fast and my hand couldn't keep up with it." YES! Excellent excuse. The computer keyboard is my favorite invention in the past 50 years. (Not the computer, mind you, just the keyboard.)

Jess said...

I left a comment based on your comment back at my blog, but I didn't know if you'd go back and check (man, this blogging stuff is complicated). Copy and paste the following link (it's lengthy) to see Light Saber pens on sale :)

Lydia Kang said...

I am writing MG right now so I feel like you wrote this post for me personally.
Thanks Shelley!
As for handwriting, well...mine used to be pretty legible. Maybe back in 8th grade.

Anne Spollen said...

Great links for those neglected MG authors!

I keep telling my daughter the "neatness" on the rubric means how well she prints. Just remember - books are all typeset.

lisa and laura said...

AH! I want THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET NOW! NOW! So excited to read, Shelley! You are a rock star!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha, ha! My handwriting is that bad too! (unfortunately, my typing isn't that much better ;)

Carla said...

I always thought my handwriting looked nice...even though you needed a magnifying glass to read it! I can't even count how many teachers told me to write bigger! Those links look great...I can't wait to visit them!


Hardygirl said...

Thanks for all the great links! I have a hard time finding middle grade blogs!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. I'm following the ones I could find the follow button for.