Monday, August 20, 2012

7 Things I Love Right Now

In honor of the upcoming release of THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET, I am doing 7 posts on 7 different topics, hi-lighting 7 things each time.  It's a fiesta of 7s!!

So, to kick it off, here are 7 things that I love right now:

1.  The BREEZE!!  It is so hot right now in SoCal.  But when the ocean breeze kicks in, it's about the best feeling in the world.  Kind of like a very cold angel is flapping its wings at you or something....sigh.

2.  Grapefruits.  I don't know why.  I used to love them as a child (with a little salt.)  Haven't really had them for years but now...I can't get enough of them!!  Come to me, my little lop-sided citrus wonder.

3.  SUP!!  This refers to Stand-Up Paddling.  What a blast.  You stand on a big, fat surfboard with a paddle and row yourself around.  I am only brave enough to risk the lagoon, not the waves, but still... (although I do hear banjo music in my mind when I paddle--kind of feels like I am Huck Finn.)

4.  A picture book I wrote involving a dog, a cat, and space travel.  (Because, I ask you, are there enough of books with those elements out there?  I think not.)

5. This poster:

I am hanging this in my classroom!  
6.  Twistable Crayons!!  I am a sucker for new school supplies.  I purchased these little babies just for me:

I don't know why the twistiness makes them better, but trust me.  It does.
7.  Enchiladas.  There's really not much else to say about that.  They are delicious.  That is that.

So, what are 7 things you love right now?



Stephanie Thornton said...

My daughter loves enchiladas with salsa verde. I think she'd eat them every day if she could.

Actually, you and she might get along swimmingly--she's a big fan of twisty crayons too. (And grapefruit, but only when she's sick!)

Amy Jarecki said...

My 7 things?

1. Pizza
2. My Chihuahuas
3. Writing all day
4. Pizza
5. The swimming pool in my backyard (very hot southern Utah).
6. Sugar free ice pops (I'm a diabetic, but sugar free stuff is good).
7. Did I say pizza?

Julie Dao said...

AMEN to school supplies and enchiladas! I've never used twisty crayons but I love the old-school box of 96 crayola with the sharpener in the back. If only I had more opportunities to use it.

Amy Jarecki said...

Hi Storyqueen - Thank you for your comment on my blog. I LOVE Roman Heart ~ Celtic Fire. Will definitely add it to the top of the list!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

1. a good night's sleep
2. a good workout
3. fresh crab legs
4. a quality critique
5. my daughter
6. going to conferences
7. cupcakes...

Laura S. said...

Love new school and office supplies!! This time of year is the best because of the fantastic sales so I can stock up. :) I love anything Crayola, too!

Caryn Caldwell said...

Fun list! I tried twistable crayons once. They were really fun! And I am SO with you on enchiladas. Yum!

1. My cats
2. Rainy afternoons
3. Time to write
4. The smell of office supply stores
5. Chocolate (unfortunately)
6. Soft grass on a summer morning
7. The tangy smell of fresh snow

Kelly Polark said...

Mmmm. Enchiladas!

Hurray for Seven! Though my youngest will be seven for only a few more weeks. That makes me a little sad...

Have a great school year!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Things I love right now:
1) the trailer for Seven Tales of Trinket
2) pink clouds
3) frozen coconut pops
4)warm Pacific ocean lapping my ankles as I walk
5) Doctor Who on DVD
6)new 1st person POV
7)my writer friends

Anonymous said...

I have a box of crayons for when the child inside me wants to draw and color. : )

My 7 things are:
1. Water
2. Sleep
3. Watermelon
4. Grapes
5. Tomatoes
6. My family
7. A light rainfall