Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seven Books I Read This Summer

I had a lovely first day of school, but I am always shocked on how fast the summer goes!  Wow.  It just...well...whooooooosh.  And it's gone.

But I did get some reading in. Yay!

Here are seven books I really enjoyed:

Really a fun and interactive book.  No wonder Mo Willems keeps winning the Geisel.  He really knows how to write a picture book that is such fun to read aloud.

For the Middle Grade crowd:

Sidekicks by Dan Santat is just plain fun.  Loved the friendship.  And I laughed about this book.  A lot.

Many people have praised this book, and I was a bit late to the party.  Why did I wait so long to read it??  It made me think hard about lots of important things.  Palacio's use of multiple POV really works.

This was my first book of the summer.  What a way to start.  I loved so many things about this book, especially the main character and his voice.  This is one trilogy I am can't wait to read more of.
For those that enjoy Young Adult Books:

I'd heard lots about this book over the years.  Finally tracked down a copy.  *Love*.  I wish I could think outside of the box the way Diana Wynne Jones did.  If you loved Roald Dahl and Eva Ibbottson as a kid, you will love this book. to describe this book.  Well, it's not what I thought it was going to be like--and yet it was exactly how it should have been.  How is that for vague?  And yet, I can say no more.  Except this:  Read it.

I am reading this one right now.  It's just  It is a very intellectual and lyrical take on dragon mythology.  (Want in on a little secret?  When I read this book, it makes me feel smarter....)

Such a great summer filled with books!

I started reading The One and Only Ivan to my kids today. I hope they love it much as I did.

So, what did you read this summer.  (You don't have to list 7 if you don't want to.  I just did because of my 7 post with 7 things to celebrate The Seven Tales of Trinket.  Which comes out in 5 days!!)



Kelly Polark said...

I haven't read any of those! I love to hear about new books!
I read a lot this summer including the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy (really.). I had to see what everyone was talking about...

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Say it isn't so! I cannot believe school is already in session. *sigh*
You've just added to my list of books to read. *takes notes*
Howl's Moving Castle is one of my all-time favorites. Absolutely adore that book.

Julie Dao said...

I loved Seraphina!! And I just recently added Wonder to my to-read list... cannot wait. Currently reading Long Lankin (very deliciously creepy ghost story) and next will be the Duff, b/c I haven't read YA contemporary in a while! Enjoy your long weekend!

Myrna Foster said...

I have not read WONDER, SIDEKICKS, or SERAPHINA, but I can second your love for the other four.

Five days! That means I need to pre-order it pronto! :o)

Have you read Shannon Hale's PALACE OF STONE? It's my most recent love.

I'm also recommending Cressida Cowell's THE HEROIC MISADVENTURES OF HICCUP THE VIKING series on the blog soon. My reluctant reader has read eight books in the last month. EIGHT! He read three of them this week. And he was traumatized that she hasn't finished the series so that he can. They're pretty fantastic.

Thanks for the recommendations!

Jackee said...

Yay for Trinket! So glad I'm close to getting my hands on it. I'm reading Code Name Verity right now and wow, it's good. I'm also finishing up Omnivore's Dilemma--which I think every person that eats should have to read. :o)

Have a lovely week, Shelley!