Friday, August 10, 2012

Trinket Gets Another Star!

The folks at Kirkus have awarded THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET its second star!
  (The first was from Publisher's Weekly!)  (Okay, I will stop using exclamation points....and parentheses.)

I am thrilled beyond words.  When your book is reviewed, it is often the first time that someone with no vested interest in the book really critically reads it.  It is a little scary.  And Trinket was (is) so close to my heart that I lost any objectivity about it long ago.  Hearing such nice things about it...well, it makes me happy in a mushy kind of way.

Here's what they said (the review goes live on August 15, I think.)

   Author: Thomas, Shelley Moore

Review Issue Date: August 15, 2012
Online Publish Date: July 25, 2012
Publisher:Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Pages: 384
Price ( Hardcover ): $16.99
Publication Date: September 4, 2012
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-0-374-36745-9
Category: Fiction

Like her main character, Trinket, Thomas clearly loves storytelling, and she has a real talent for it, too.

Seven interlinked episodes follow a brief exposition. The distinctness of these episodes keeps the text from seeming overlong, particularly since the smooth flow and intriguing elements will easily capture readers’ interest. Unusual characters (a gypsy princess, fairy queen and ghostly highwayman, among others) add excitement and suspense, while the overarching tale, which effectively connects the disparate characters and individual events, features a quest of sorts. Eleven-year-old Trinket recently lost her mother to a fever. Her father, a wandering bard, abandoned the family five years ago when he failed to return as promised from a storytelling sojourn. With no one to care for her, Trinket sets out with a friend to discover what became of her father—and to collect some stories to tell. Hardships abound, and the two often go hungry, but they persevere in their search. Readers familiar with Celtic folklore will recognize the outlines of some of the sections. But even those for whom selkies and banshees are brand-new will appreciate the clever way Thomas weaves together traditional elements and her fictional creations.

Though it’s filled with incident, emotion, magic and adventure, what stands out most is Trinket’s clear voice and loving heart, both of which will endear her to readers. (Fantasy. 8-12)!!!

And I will be debuting the trailer for THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET next week at Write On Con.

What?  You haven't registered for Write On Con yet?  Then click here.  Write On Con is a free online writing conference filled with mini-workshops from amazing authors, excellent editors, and incredible agents.  My session airs on Tuesday, August 14, 12:30 p.m. est. and it is about Do-It-Yourself book promotion (SWAG and stuff for middle grade books.)  (Basically, what do you do with a bunch of postcards that didn't come out right.....?)  At the end of my session, I'll show the trailer.  Then, I will put it here on the blog in the next few days in case you missed it.  If anyone wants to show it on their blog after that, please feel free.  The more people that see it, the better!

Also, over at Write On Con, I'll be giving away a pre-order of Trinket--and you just might end up with some of the cool swag I showcase in the never know.




Catherine Denton said...

SQUEEE!!!!! This is SO awesome, Shelley!! I seriously cannot wait for this book to hit the shelves. And thanks for the reminder to register for Write On Con, especially if there might be cool Trinket swag involved.
Catherine Denton

Julie Dao said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!

Jemi Fraser said...

Holy Moly! That's completely and totally awesome!!! :) Congrats!!

Anita said...

Yay! Much congrats!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I want to paste gold stars right here! **************** and more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
yay, you!

Kristin said...

Shelley, this is a wonderful write-up. So thrilled for you! I'm sure you'll go to bed smiling tonight. Congratulations.

Margo Berendsen said...

Is it available NOW?? Off to check and buy. Been planning on this one for a while! YAY for a starred review.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! CONGRATS!!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

TWO STARS!!! SO fabulous, Shelley!!! That is flippin' exciting!!!