Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Trinket!

Well, she's here.  My 10th book baby is ready to go out into the world.

This is what she looks like:
The lovely front cover.

The fabulous green spine.  (The green surprised me--but somehow I always knew it would be green.)

The back cover--blurbs and praise!  What a pretty baby!

So, on her birthday, I am offering 7 celebratory pictures regarding Trinket's entrance into the world.


September issue of Family Fun Magazine.  Why am I showing you this?  You'll see.


What's that in the top left corner?  Does that say, "Our favorite things?"  I think it does!


Yes!  A Page-turner!  


A home-made Trinket Box for the launch party (9/20)


Mini-notebooks (since Trinket collects stories, you can, too!) for the launch.


Bookmarks for launch and events (she makes a nice twin....)


So, not all of the fun has to wait until the launch.  These swag bags are for my class tomorrow.  A book mark, bubbles and an eraser birthday cake!  Happy birthday, Trinket!

Due to the craziness of the beginning of the school year, I am waiting to do my launch party until September 20th.  You are all invited!  Not only will there be some unique door prizes (as shown above) but there will be some pretty awesome entertainment as well.  (But that is top secret for now...I will not tell.  Stop looking at me with those puppy dog won't work, I tell you!)

Well.  There it is.

I find myself getting a little misty.  When I started this blog, Trinket was just 80 pages of an almost forgotten idea trapped inside of a Mac that broke in 2003.  I never retrieved those pages...just the idea....just the soul. Back then, I read Neil Gaiman's blog every day (I think he blogged every day, back then) and he said he had the idea for THE GRAVEYARD BOOK for  many years (like maybe 20) before he wrote it. This gave me courage.  Most of the time that is the reason that I read blogs--to gain courage.  And so I silenced the part of me that said I wasn't good enough to write this story and wrote a page a day, sometimes two or three, until it was all out of me.

And she is.

Thank you, my blog friends, for taking this journey with me and always reminding me that I was not alone.  I couldn't have done it without you.



Myrna Foster said...

Happiest book birthday! I wish I could go to the release party. :o)

JennaQuentin said...

Hurray for those ideas that finally, finally come to light! I can't wait to read Trinket.

Catherine Denton said...

YAY!!!! Happy Birthday Trinket! I am SO excited about this book! Can't wait to get my own copy. :D And you are one fancy-swag-making lady.
Catherine Denton

Julie Dao said...

I am so happy that your dream of Trinket stayed alive and became this beautiful book. Can't wait to read it and recommend it to everyone I know, young and old!

Kelly Polark said...

Hurray! Happy Book Birthday to you and Trinket! I love all the Trinket Trinkets!! And congrats for being mentioned in FAmily Fun! THat is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you.
: )

Anonymous said...

What you said about courage is so true! Thanks.

Lydia Kang said...

I am so happy for you! And wow, I'm totally taking note of your awesome swag!