Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March Writing 1: School in the Time of Coronavirus

Times are strange right now.

But even in strange times, it is good to do some writing and make some art. One of my favorite series right now is NARWHAL AND JELLY and the amazing author, Ben Clanton, is doing something really cool. If you click on the link: you can see that he is doing animal mix-ups. Like something that is part Jelly, part Wizard (this is one of my favorites). Also, he's got a Narwhal + T-Rex drawing that is very awesome.

So, I thought it might be cool if some of my young readers did something similar.

Step 1:  Think of an animal (any animal)

Step 2:  Think of another

Step 3: Mix them together!!

You can do three or four animals if you like!

And then, if you are really feeling like it, you can make up a story about it!

I think I am going to mash up a dog and a butterfly. I would call it a Pupperfly!  It would be tiny and look like a dog, but with wings like a butterfly's. And it would get into all sorts of TROUBLE, haha.

So your task is to make your creature (or you can illustrate mine) and write your own story.

I'll share mine soon.

Love to you all,