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Monday, September 5, 2016

DragonFest 2016 (part 1)

Okay, folks, so we are about a week away from THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT DRAGONS entering the world. Yay!!!  (Here is what it looks like in case you forgot):
Image result for this book is not about dragons
Pretty little thing!
 I thought I'd spend a little time celebrating literary dragons with a little thing I like to call DRAGONFEST 2016. Basically I'll be highlighting some of my favorite dragons in books. Sounds like fun, yes?

 Let's start out with a new kid on the block, (and a very terrible dragon, I might add,) the feisty dragon in DRAGON WAS TERRIBLE  by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli.  This is such an incredibly fun read aloud. Actually, I dare you to read it aloud to some kids and not totally crack up yourself. Go ahead. Try it now.  I'll wait.

Image result for dragon was terrible
It's the toilet paper part that gets me every time!

So if you are sitting around waiting for THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT DRAGONS to come out (which doesn't even HAVE dragons in it, so....) I highly recommend picking up DRAGON WAS TERRIBLE. You'll be glad you did!

(And if you are a teacher of K-2, you will end up reading this aloud about a billion times. Kids LOVE it!)


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