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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Great Thing About Writing Groups

The great thing about writing groups is that, for the most part, really great people are in them! I am lucky enough to have a writing group that I meet with regularly. Even when I don't have much to share, it feels good to be in the presence of other writers and talk shop. (Like yesterday, I didn't have much to share because I'm a dork about when I allow myself to share something.....if it's too new I can't share it because, well, it's too new. Also because I'm psychic and know what the people in my group think about what I write even if they don't say, so if I am not ready to know, I just can't read.)

Anyway, the act of writing is a solo act for me. And it's not that I get lonely or anything, but being part of a small community of writers makes me feel connected to the greater world. Sometimes, the siren call of hermitude is strong. I like to hibernate in my little cave with my laptop and would probably stay there far longer than is healthy were it not for the folks who make me want to come out and play.

Thank you, writing group!



Anonymous said...

As a member of Shelley's writing group, I must agree about the importance of belonging to a group of writers, especially when your own work is stuck. I am always inspired to go home and hit the computer after a meeting, even when Shelley doesn't share.....

Mrs. K. said...

Although for many writing is a solo act, being a member of a trusted writing group allows us to "hear" our words for the first time.

For me, giving voice to my words in front of others, allows me to work through syntax and tone. I may write alone too, but still seek responses to improve what I'm working on. To be honest, sometimes I just need to hear respected responses to my writing.
Often, just talking through an idea or character can help with direction.

Frequently I'm simply amazed and inspired by the work my writing buddies create.
You guys are amazing. ;-)

Carrie Harris said...

I've never been lucky enough to find a good in-person group, and with three young kids, I probably wouldn't make it there very often even if I did! But my online group has been not only great for my writing, but a SERIOUS sanity-saver. So yeah, I have no idea how people manage without a group!

storyqueen said...

Hi Carrie!

Thanks for responding on my blog! Sometimes it gets lonely, but I guess that is to be expected when most of your readers are under 7.....not many first grade bloggers out there.....

Stop by any time!