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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Painting Myself Into a Corner

I don't really have an office. Not at all, actually. I have a wooden folding tray upon which my laptop sits and a lovely large brown leather executive type of chair. It looks strange, giant chair, tiny desk, but oh well. The desk and chair were not the problem.

The corner was the problem.

I put my desk in a corner that was last inhabited by my husband's golf clubs. You know, those long, steel (or titanium) things that hang out of the top of a funny looking bag that scrape up any painted thing that they touch? Yeah, those things...well, my new office-corner (or should I say corner-office) was gross. I am not a picky person, but it looked like Beast (from Beauty and the Beast...coming out on DVD this fall!) had his own personal clawing festival on my walls. With dirty, muddy claws. Gross.

I washed the wall but it didn't help much.

So I got some lovely blue paint, kind of turquoise-tiffany blue and I painted my corner. It makes me so happy when I sit down to write to see this lovely HUGE splash of color.

What else makes me happy? A chile relleno burrito brought to me by my husband so I could get a little writing done.

You know, when you have a blue corner and a burrito, there's really no writing task you can't tackle.

So, what about you? Any little indulgences that make your writing life happier?



Myrna Foster said...

Salt and Pepper pistachios are my writing indulgence (at least for this novel).

The blue and the burrito sound fablis (my word verification) though.

Matthew Rush said...

I always like to reward myself with a little Sake, Sapporo and Sushi, but usually not WHILE writing. Mostly after.

Kelly said...

I will now have some afternoons free (when I'm not substitute teaching or volunteering) for just writing now that my youngest goes to kindergarten today!
He did have preschool, but it wasn't as big of a chunk of time as this will be.
Though I won't be writing today. I'll be sobbing. I'm going to miss my little buddy.

Kelly said...

Your blue corner sounds cool, btw. You should post a pic of your new writing corner office! And add the burrito too!

Natalie said...

"A blue corner and a burrito"--I love it! It really is the little things that make writing more fun. Lately I try to have a popsicle every time I sit down to write. It slows things down a bit at first because I have to type one-handed, but it's worth it. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds terrific - I usually just write in a chair in the living room surrounded by everyone. Little chaotic but that way I'm still connected to everyone :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a little corner to write in. My writing area is a desk on wheels, so my writing area goes pretty much anywhere in the house I want it to go. I usually chose to sit on the couch with my feet up while I work at my desk. My cat sits on the back of the couch watching me work.

Some little indulgences would be a cup of tea, hot chocolate or a cappuccino, some kind of little munchies, and maybe a lit candle or some incense burning.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I love that you painted your corner a smashing shade of blue. It sounds special and inviting, and considering the magical year you're having, it's perfect.

Lenny said...

hi miss shelly! wow a nice blue office and a yummy burrito. now you could say when someone asks where you write im writing at the blue burrito. sounds like a mexican food place or a bar. ha ha. for me when im writing its reeses mini peanut butter cups. theyre my most favorite candy in the world.
...smiles from lenny

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Some peanut M&M's and good coffee can get me going every time. :-)

Laura Pauling said...

My writing is def. happier when my house is clean - atleast the downstairs where I write. And yay for blue! I love blue.

Elana Johnson said...

Sour patch kids.

Love 'em.

Jackee said...

Beautiful! I was just today looking around my corner thinking I could use something to make it more mine--more cheery. Perhaps paint is exactly what I need.

Wintogreen Lifesaver's are my writing indulgence! Too bad the kids found my private stash. :o)

storyqueen said...

Myrna-Those sound good! And my new favorite word is "fablis".

Matthew-Ah yew, the three S's. (But I'd only eat the sushi if it was a california roll...wimp that I am.

Kelly-My baby went to mid-school this week....I was a little sobby.
And I'm semi-photo inept, but I will think about it.

Natalie-ooooh, what kind of popsicle? When I was pregnant with Cali, I loved frozen, lemony things...Haagen Daas had a flavor of sorbet that was just wonderful.

Jemi-I used to do that, too. But then I wanted my own little space...hence the blue corner.

Susanne-I love to burn candles, but only in the Fall and Winter. And only if they smell like orange leaves or Christmas.

Tricia-It's been a good year...yeah, pretty magical in some ways:)

Lenny-Haha! The Blue Burrito! Sounds so much more fun than "office".

Shannon-Peanut Butter M & M's...yum. I used to eat m & m's by the handfull when I was little.

Laura-Yes, I'd love a clean house, too. I just hate being the one doing the cleaning!!

Elana-You could be one of my children!!! They would do anything for sourpatch kids!

Jackee-so...what color?

Julie Dao said...

I envy you your blue corner and burrito! :) My writing snacks often change depending on my mood. Yesterday I wrote 1500 words with a nice bag of popcorn to keep me company!

Kelly H-Y said...

A blue corner and a burrito ... sounds perfect!