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Sunday, January 9, 2011

ALA......How did I not know about this?

The ALA Midwinter Conference is in San Diego this weekend. I found out from another blogger about a month or so ago (which is a great reason to read blogs, I might add, to keep up with stuff you would otherwise have no idea was going on.)

So, since I have a new picture book coming out in June, I thought to myself, Self, you should get some bookmarks made and take them to the Penguin booth, you know, just as a Preview of Coming Attractions kind of thing.*

I mean, why not let the librarians of America know, right? How are they going to order my book for their libraries if they don't know about it?

So, I waltz in to the exhibit hall with my trusty little stack and deliver them to the nice folks at Penguin (who were very nice, by the way, and put my little bookmarks right up in front. Of course, they may have moved them later, but at least for a few moments, I was right there next to Ladybug Girl.)

The next thing I know, I am being piled up with awesome swag and ARCs! Like tons. I mean, WOW.

My arms hurt so bad after lugging those bags around, and all the way back to my far, far away car. They still kind of hurt today.

So what did I get?

Across the Universe by Beth Revis!
Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard!


The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood!

Just to name a few. (Actually, I now have seventeen ARCs. Seventeen, baby!)

I could have gotten more probably, but I felt tres greedy taking what I did. I mean, it is so weird, watching people pick up books, read the back and then put it back down in the stack. My brain is screaming, It is a FREE BOOK!! Take it, fool, take it!!

And then, of course, my own arms got so tired and achy, I found myself being a little more choosy as well. (All the more reason to have a great cover. I picked books that had great covers or that I had read something about on a blog. Yay blog power!!)

Anyway, off to read and do that which I promised not to mention.


And yes, it is too greedy to keep all of these to myself. I will be passing them on, so watch for giveaways.

*Sometimes publishers make them for you, and sometimes you get to make them yourself, if you want them. I just made my first ones and it was more fun than I expected!


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Eeeeee! I'm so excited they put your bookmarks up front! I can't wait for that book to hit the shelves or for you to magically have an ARC giveaway of that! Um, and as I try to remember its exact title, I realize you didn't say! Why is that???

Kelly said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun book day! Congrats on getting your upcoming title buzz going and new free books!!

Faith E. Hough said...

Wow, that must have been a blast! I'd love to see what your bookmarks look like; did you use a specific program to make them, or have them printed somewhere?

Jemi Fraser said...

So cool to get your bookmarks out there!!! And 17 ARCS??? Wow - you're a lucky lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun day! I hope your bookmarks stayed out front all day. Actually I hope they passed them all out to let people know about your book! Enjoy reading all of your new ARCs!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

How exciting! I hope I can make it to a conference soon. I've never been to one, and it is a definite wish!! Lucky lady! :-)

Stasia said...

Went to ALA in Seattle a year or two back--met up with tons of great writers and collected some terrific arcs. ALA is the MOST AWESOME adventure. Jealous but glad you had such fun!

Catherine Denton said...

So awesome! I will definitely be watching for those giveaways!!

Hardygirl said...

Oh how fun!!!!! And, such a great idea--you sly marketer.

I can't wait for your newest to come out!


Katie said...

Wow. Awesome! And I had no idea you had a pic book coming out too!

Dawn Simon said...

How fun! A close friend of mine went, too, but I haven't talked with her yet to get the scoop. It sounds awesome! And yay for you about the bookmarks. I bet they stayed in the front. You are, after all, the Storyqueen. <3

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, SO jealous!!! FREE books = my idea of heaven.

Laura Pauling said...

Pretty cool! I guess you're tbr pile just grew in leaps and bounds! **trying not to be jealous**

Lydia K said...

I am jealous! Green with it, can you see it?
I'd love to go one of these days...

Margo Berendsen said...

Oh you lucky dog!!! Since I joined the blogging world, I discovered not only what an ARC is, but what it means to covet one. Other than living in/near a major city with these kind of bookseller conventions, how do you get them??? I want one!

But you are so kind to mention giveaways. Like Mandarin. Must HAVE!