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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's on My Desk Right Now?

What is on the old desk?

1.  A laptop on its last leg (I fear).  Backing up everything with this:

2. A Darth Vader Flash Drive. (Also on desk.)

3. A Mickey Mouse watch with a scratched up crystal.  (How do I do that to every watch I own?)

4. A fat plastic canister of clicky ball points in three colors.

5. An awesome green desk lamp that matches cheapo green desk.

6. A red moleskine waiting for more words.

7.  A rainbow houndstooth composition book filled with too many words.

8.  A baseball cap from Killarney Golf and Fishing Club.

9.  Bookmarks from Across the Universe, Incarceron and Sir Gawain the True that I got at ALA in January.

10. A huge blingy ring I wore last week.

11.  My wand.

12. A small yellow notepad that I keep by the computer upon which to write important stuff.  The top page has a quote I copied from one of your blogs, but I don't remember which one!
                                "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
                                   That will be the beginning."

                                                          Louis L'Amour
(So if I copied the quote from your blog, let me know!)

13.  The best thing in the world:  A retractable Sharpie.  Seriously, best pen EVER.

14.  And ewwww, fingernail clippers left here by SOMEONE.  Gross.  Now I have an image of someone using my precious space to clip their long toenails.    Someone is going down.

Soon, the desk will be lustrous and tidy, for I am cleaning today!

What's the strangest thing on your desk?



Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOVE the Darth Vader flash drive! That is way too much fun! :-)

Matthew MacNish said...

I stopped reading after number 2, because that is the coolest flash drive, EVER.

Catherine Denton said...

Haha, this is too fun! My family leaves nail clippers laying in odd places too--ew!

On my desk, I have an inch-high fairy with long hair waiting to hear a story.
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Tricia J. O'Brien said...

On my desk is a plush whale who sounds off, a mermaid ornament, an enamel seahorse and shell bracelet--all left-overs of my last novel, now shelved. That must mean something.

But I also have the marble sign that reads: Don't Piss Off the Fairies (so gotta mind that)

I adore your list, especially the Darth Vader flash drive--that has to be the best backup ever.

Jackee said...

You are so fun! I'm just imagining all the spells you're casting as you write away. Both from the wand and from the pen. :o)

On my desk I have a pile of 6x6 ceramic tile for a gift I'm making. Nothing too exciting...

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Cool flash drive! I have way too much stuff on my desk right now. If I move something, the whole stck will fall off. Need to get mine cleaned off!!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Hubby is geeking out over the flash drive. Where'd you get that? :)

storyqueen said...

Shannon-When I saw it, I knew I had to have it!

Matthew-I know...they had Yoda and a Stormtrooper, too. But I thought the dark lord of the sith was the coolest.

Catherine-I could use a fairy on my desk!

Tricia-Pissed off faeries are quite dangerous, I hear!

Jackee-I love tile work...are you painting or mosaic-ing?

Susanne-I cleaned it yesterday, but by today you would never know it.

Sherrie-I got it at Barnes and Noble, right up behind the register. It was my lucky day.

Anonymous said...

ewwww toenails! *gag*

Anne Spollen said...

Strangest thing?

A cat, sleeping on the printer. Every day. For most of the day. It's her spot.

Fun post!

Wub2Write said...

Darth flashdrive is way cool!

And Pat, I wouldn't want to piss off the fairies either. No way!

On my desk, I have a Loteria de Muerte/Day of the Dead Bingo type game. LOL! Copy of Spoon River Anthology, Titanic books, Dirty Dancing cassette (50-cents at thrift!), and a pic of our 3 granddaughters!

No nail clippers... :-)