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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fried Day


What a busy week!!

I am trying to hard to keep up with my one-page-per-day goal on my WIP, but that is just not happening today.  Sigh.  It's been a week of giving school tours, attending important meetings, writing up proposals, writing up reports, compiling data, glueing 100 books together, going to school open houses, and attending school related dinners.  (I have to go to a fancy-schmancy dinner tomorrow night, what with being a finalist for district Teacher of the Year.  Oh, don't feel bad for me that I didn't win...there wasn't a sash or anything so I didn't mind so much). My kids call it the Mom Prom, since everyone has to dress up.  Problem?  SHOES.  I wore nice shoes whilst hosting our visitors from China on Tuesday and I STILL have blisters.

Somehow, I just don't think clogs will go well with the little black dress.

Tomorrow I am presenting a workshop for San Diego County Librarians, so that should be fun.  Librarians are cool.

And this weekend I will be posting something really ultra-cool that I am doing in conjunction with some librarians in the Chicago area in June.  I am really looking forward to it....provided I survive 'til then! The great thing is that I made it to today.  Back on Monday, I had my doubts.

It looks like this post is just kind of a big, fat whine.  So feel free to whine with me.  Let it all out in the comments.  What do you need to whine about?


Edited to include:  HA!!  I just reread over what I wrote and I am covering up the vulnerability big time!  I am trying to make the week sound all glamorous.

But it wasn't.

It was hard.

And busy.

And if I could find a way to lay in bed all day tomorrow and not feel bad about it, I probably would.
But I can't.  So that's that.

I find one of the things I really appreciate about bloggers is that many are so  able to place complete honesty in the seat of honor.  I am not.  I am too guarded.  I don't want to admit sometimes how completely uncharmed my life feels.


erica and christy said...

Wow, your week actually sounds pretty cool!! District teacher of the year?? Awesome! Talks with librarians? Awesome!

(sorry, crappy week here. trying to look for a silver lining anywhere I can find it!) (and I can't whine or this comment will get way too long!)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I know exactly how draining educational functions can be, AND I share your weariness. I am a "trainer" for my district and have presented 12 hours worth of in-service trainings over the past few weeks. Today I presented for three hours in the morning (I think my students are beginning to think I am the sub) and then had to attend a meeting tonight for three hours. I got home after 9:00 pm. SO TIRED. :-)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Congrats on being a Teacher of the Year finalist--that's totally awesome! Being a teacher can indeed be downright exhausting. I've felt like the walking dead this week.

And librarians are pretty nifty people. Even if it's been a lame-ish week, (I feel your pain) it sounds like it wasn't too terribly bad. And the weekend is almost here!

Myrna Foster said...

I got to the part about it being a whiny post and thought "What?" I edit those kind of posts, too.

You sound so busy, doing good things, but it's still hard. If I were to whine with you, it would be that I'm too busy. Oh. And my kids think it's okay not to do any more school work, even though they have three more weeks.

Good luck with everything, especially the shoes ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

I want to go back to bed myself, right now!

Jess said...

Congrats on being a finalist! Who needs the pressure of winning, unless it comes with a crown and extra cake (and, as Story Queen, you already have a crown anyway). For shoes, you could always get a pair of black ballerina-style flats to go with a black dress. They're cute and comfortable :)

Your week would have sounded more glamorous if you hadn't snuck in the part about glueing 100 books together. You're not fooling anyone with that one :)

Hope you get some relaxation time soon, but I'm sure you'll have fun with all your events!

Kelly said...

I know teaching is draining. And I didn't even do it when I was a mom and writer too! So you are a finalist in my book for Woman of the Year! (Congrats on finalist for Teacher of the Year. That really is awesome)

Corey Schwartz said...

Fried Day- ha! :)

Janet Johnson said...

Wow, you are one busy person. And your life may seem uncharmed because you are living through it, but it sure sounds like you're a pretty amazing person from my end.

How cool that you get to present to librarians! And congrats on being a finalist!

Anonymous said...

You are keeping yourself busy, aren't you? CONGRATS on being a finalist.

Jackee said...

You are a busy lady and have every reason to whine! Not that your whining was real whining. But I'm glad the things keeping you busy are all positive. Keep up the good work my friend!

And a page a day even with school stuff winding down? You. Are. My. Hero. :o)

storyqueen said...

erica-you can totally whine here! Long comments are welcome!

Shannon-Sing it, sister! I think being pulled in so many directions is the hardest part.

Stephanie- Thank you. And it wasn't a "bad" week, just an exhausting one.

Myrna-Yay for only three more weeks! Hopefully, it will be here before we know it!

Matthew-I know, right?

Jess- I ended up wearing sequinned sneakers. I just couldn't do the heels!

Kelly-No...not Woman of the Year...maybe Queen of the Day or something like that...

Corey-I was going to sing the song but was afraid that no one would ever visit the site again.

Janet-The librarians were awesome. Well justified in being some of my favorite people.

Susanne-thank was weird, but not unpleasant.

Jackee-Not a hero at all! Just trying to keep a little sanity. The page-a-day really helps with that. Believe me.

Christina Lee said...

I'm lying down for your right NOW--b/c I have a tummy ache *boo hoo* how's that for whining? And congrats on being a finalist (super cool)!