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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things I Like, the April Edition

1.  Play-dough-  It's been years since I played with play-dough and man, it is FUN! We were doing a lesson on economics in class (yes, play-dough economics!) and the kids and I made all manner of cool things.  Can't wait for lesson 2.

2.  Fuji apples-Usually I am a Granny Smith fan, but we just got the best batch of Fuji's.  So crisp!

3. Foggy mornings-Some people dread the impending May Gray (followed by the June Gloom), but I love it.  There is something about mist...

4.  Clear nights-Just got a grant for a telescope for my class and I can't wait to have an Astronomy Night.

5.   Thinking of new ideas for picture books-There is something magic about the picture book idea before you actually try to write it.  All of the hope in the world is there, swirling around, waiting for you to grasp it.  I don't know if it is like this for other authors, but I get MANY picture book ideas that I cannot milk a book from.  Oh, somebody else might be able to make it fabulous, but for some reason, I cannot glean the magic from the idea and it falls flat.  (Hmm...maybe I should have an IDEA GIVE-AWAY wherein I offer The Great Ideas that Fell Flat For Me....but I digress) I love that time, before I take pen to paper and the idea flutters just outside of my brain, tickling my ear, convincing me that I truly am a writer, for I must be if ideas follow me around.

And here it is, almost the end of April....sigh.  May is always a rollercoaster.  Best keep my hands inside of the car at all times....



Stephanie Thornton said...

I love Play-Doh! (And so does my 5 year-old monkey).

Even high school students love it--I've used it to play Cold War sculptorades!

Jemi Fraser said...

I love Play Doh too! I remember the fuzzy pumper (???) or something like that with a hair salon :)

You'll have such fun with that telescope!!

Gina Gao said...

I have so much interests in common with you! I really enjoyed reading this post.

Julie Dao said...

Play-Doh is fun, but Sculpie (sp?) is my favorite because you can bake it afterward! I loved making dragons and miniature food for my dollhouse (yes, dragons lived in my dollhouse) back in the day!

Christina Lee said...

Ooh GREAT LIST!! And all of your books lined up there looks so AWESOME!