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Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Goals

The first goal is simply to get through this next week.

End of school year.

Eight grade promotion.

College graduation.

Grandparent visit.

And right now I am sitting at my dinner table with the laptop open, looking at the messiest kitchen int he history of all kitchens, trying to open the website to finish my report cards (but not having any luck), smelling some dying flowers to the left of me and hearing the muffled sounds of a dog's teeth grating on a plastic bone to the right.

My brain is so clogged.

But I know I will be cranky all weekend if I don't make a teeny bit of progress on my WIPs.  And I will be even crankier if I don't get some goals made.  So here goes:

June writing goals:

1.  Write 40 more pages and a synopsis for this strange middle grade science fiction book I am playing around with.  I am working in reverse order, writing the synopsis before the book, but I enjoy trying things in different ways. The working title is HOW IT ENDS.

2.  Write 40 more pages of IN THE KINGDOM OF THE SELKIES.

3.  Begin a revision of KEELIE OF THE LAKE.  I have some chapters from a different point of view I'd like to insert.  I reread this book the other day and I really still love it. My timing on it was bad--as Trinket's primary editor left right after I finished it:(

4.  Finish a picture book with a title so awesome I can't mention it here, but its initials are TANDITB.  Think of it what you will.

I've got some summer things planned--a class for kids, a couple of appearances at junior author camps, a presentation for the NWP to put together--but really I just want to wake up in the mornings, pour myself into my chair, write until the ideas dry up, eat something, maybe run, write some more, pretend for a little while that I actually am the author I pretend to be, and not all of these little bits of a person pulled in so many different directions.

I think it is already June 8th!  Seriously.  Maybe my goals were a little lofty for 22 days...

Okay, so reduce everything by 1/3.

Hope your summers are starting off well.  I'll be joining you all soon!!



Kelly Polark said...

Those are lofty goals! Good luck, Shelley!

I'm hoping to be more productive this summer with my writing. I mean I will be more productive this summer!

Julie Dao said...

I want to know what that awesome title is! These sound like wonderful goals that will keep you busy. I wish I had more time to write, too, but we will find all the little golden nuggets of time that we can. Good luck with everything :)