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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking Ahead

Usually I make some New Year's resolutions but I kind of don't feel like it.

Lame. I know.

Instead, I am thinking in very simple terms of doing two things a little differently, and seeing how this simple shift brings about positive changes.

1.  Bring less crap into my house.  I suppose this could be thought of in both literal and figurative terms (and perhaps I shall keep thinking of it that way!) However, when I first thought of this idea, it was focused on the very literal STUFF that I bring into my house that I have little need for. For example, how many pairs of emerald green shoes does a person require?  Answer:  1.  How many pairs of emerald green shoes reside in my closet?  Answer: 2.  Seriously.  So, I am going to try and be less of a consumer, having read a few articles by the folks at Patagonia about how we are in danger of leaving NOTHING on our planet for future generations.  My house is not giant and I am tired to trying to cram more junk into it.  STUFF MUST GO!  (And not just to make a place for new stuff!!)  So, less stuff*.

2. Be more aware of the little things. I remember reading a book a few years ago about not sweating the small stuff but really, I think they have the wrong idea. The little stuff is important. What brought it home to me was last week when I was shopping with Cali for a vintage desk for her room.  (Okay, my kids still need some stuff, it's just ME who doesn't!) We were in an antique mall in the village when she held up a little inspirational sign and said, "Isn't this cute?"


And then Cali said, "Mom are your crying?"  And I said, 'No."

But I kind of was.  Because even though I had tried hard not to let it happen, I let the rush of the Fall chew me up and spit me out.  

It happens to us all.  

But I need to make more of an effort to focus on the small, beautiful gifts that life gives us every day.  That is my goal.

So, two small shifts in my life.  We will see how they shape my 2014.

Oh, and my husband says that I have to eat more vegetables.  Personally, I don't think that anyone can make that decision for someone else, but whatever.


*So, the one thing I am allowing myself to buy as much of as I want to is BOOKS!!  Because I NEED them!


Stasia said...

Well said, Shelley! I'm so with you. As always, it's a pleasure to pop over to your blog. Happy New Year!

Julie Dao said...

I love that saying, Shelley! Writing it down and taping it somewhere I can see it and remember it! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

That quote is great and so true. Happy 2014!

Nancy Villalobos said...

This is so bizarre. I was reading just before I logged on to your blog, and this is the last sentence I read:

...chance encounters-encounters which in the moment had seemed so haphazard and effervescent but which with time took on some semblance of fate.


Nancy Villalobos said...
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