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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking Ahead Part 2

So, I've got several things coming up in the next few months I thought I'd let you know about:

January 22-Ashley Fall Elementary--Stories and Slippers night.

February 7-Mission Meadows Bookfair at Barnes and Noble Oceanside (hopefully we can get the new Trinket paperback!!! It is a few days early, but we are going to try!!)

February 8-California State Library Association Conference Dinner (I am giving the keynote--on a BOAT!!)

February 25th-San Diego County Professional Growth Day for Librarians (Giving a lunch-speech and a workshop)

March 22nd- American Pediatrics Association READ AND ROMP--a great festival of literacy.

April 7-St.James Elementary School Visit--Montgomery Alabama!

I am so excited about everything!!



Jess said...

Have fun at all these events!

Hardygirl said...

I just read your PW Announcement!!!! Congrats fabulous lady!!!