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Tuesday, July 7, 2015



Finally, the little book that almost broke my heart is here!

Let me tell you a little about it. Here is the official blurb:

In their present-day tourist trap of an Irish seaside town, famed for its supposed involvement with selkies in the past, three sisters are faced with the sudden disappearance of their mother. Crushed by the loss, their father is struggling to carry on. To make matters worse, there are rumors afloat in the village that their mother herself is a selkie who has now shed her human form and gone back to sea. As Cordie Sullivan, the oldest daughter, tries to learn more about her mother's vanishing, she must find the strength to help her family move ahead, even as she discovers an increasing number of clues that point to a hidden island off the coast-a mythical kingdom of the selkies.

I have also read some incredibly lovely descriptions and reviews of the book online that I'll share with you this week.  

Often, an author gets asked to tell about her books. Confession:  This is hard for me. Usually, I say something stupid like:  It is about do stuff....  Sheesh. Well, this is because the easiest, most natural way for me to tell a story is through words on the page. I give everything I have to say about that book to the blank page and hope that it all works. 

So, while I was writing SOSB, I was taking notes, reminding myself what was at the heart of this book. Here is a glimpse:

Some things about Selkie Bay:

Secrets of Selkie Bay is about hope and determination. 

It is about loss and redemption.

 It’s about that line between what’s real and what isn’t and how we spend most of our lives dancing between the two.

It’s about trying to make sense of what doesn’t make sense.

It’s about sisters and loyalty and doing what you have to do. It’s about seriously bad choices and the feel of soft, seal fur underneath your fingertips.

It’s about voyages fraught with adventure, mushy bananas and a dark secret held for years in a dark cave on a dark island.

It’s about how mist can obscure your vision…or make it so you see things clearly for the first time.

It’s about what it means to lose something. 

And what it takes to get it back.

I am going to be celebrating selkies all week here on the blog!  Come back tomorrow for a StorySchool with a selkie theme. Then pop on by later in the week to find out the inspiration for the story, learn some selkie crafts, and maybe get a sneak peak at some selkie-trailer footage.

And special thanks to all of you who have been with me on this journey. I am so excited for Secrets of Selkie Bay to get into the hands of kids!  

If you are interested, you can click the link over on the side to purchase.  Ah heck. I'll put a link right here. This will take you to the Secrets of Selkie Bay page where you can click on the vendor of your choice.

Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with me!!



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Nancy Villalobos said...

Congratulations on this accomplishment! I know it was a labor of love to write through it. Now to see it published and in the hands of children calls for a toast!! MaƱana.