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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Captain Obvious and his Sidekicks

This morning I got in the car (a Prius....which gets great gas mileage) only to hear a beeeeeeep on the dashboard which signifies a lack of gasoline. Crud. Not that it is a pain to put gas in the car.....I just don't particularly like to do it. So, my husband comes oustide to wave me off (and make sure that I get out of the driveway okay.......whatever) and I roll down my window and utter this amazing pop-culture zinger, "Hate to be Captain Obvious, but thanks for leaving me with no gas."

(Yeah, I know, brilliant.)

Naturally, he looked stricken at the thought of inconveniencing me.....(okay, not really, but he did kind of apologize) but as I drove away with the lovely droning beeeeeeeeeep for accompaniment, I started wondering about Captian Obvious. Does he have a sidekick?

Yes, he does.

Meet Major Sarcasm! And their little helper: Private Agenda!

Their arch nemesis? Need you ask?

General Dismay!

Oh, to defeat the evil General Dismay, it's going to take more than Major Sarcasm with a Private Agenda.........

Not that I'm Captain Obvious or anything.....


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