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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hogwarts Lives!!

Okay, so before you read any further, I must explain myself a see, most of the things that I instigate in my life are for the sole purpose of self-amusement. That's right. I am always trying to make anything I have to do amusing to myself. (Yes, it is sad....."all about me" and all that....but really, I can either be miserable or amused. I choose amused.)

So, when I decided to teach summer school this year (long story....boring story), I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could teach at Hogwarts? Wouldn't it be great if these kids could go to Hogwarts instead of regular old, boring old summer school? (The students in question are third graders, referred to summer school due to academic need.)

Well....would it not be great?

So I created Pigwarts Academy of Reading and Comprehension. (See, we are smaller, so, like, we don't need a hog, just a little ole pig...)

We have houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin). They achieve house points, they have house challenges and are encouraged to READ and THINK.

They are loving it.

And I am completely amused! (The sorting ritual was a blast....what I love is how the houses come together as one, they really help each other. Awesome.)

But Storyqueen (you are asking) wouldn't it be more fun if there was magic involved?

To which I answer...........oh, but there is.

We are reading. Is there anything more magic than reading?



BJW said...

AWESOME! Love it. Wish I could go to Pigwarts Summer School and try to win the House Cup.

What you said about the entertaining yourself thing is actually really important. Not in a selfish way at all either. I think when we do things in a way that WE enjoy, our output to whatever activity goes way up and we care more.

Plus kids can tell when you're not being real with them. A huge part of who I write for is myself. If I am not entertained than I assume other people won't be. And if I'm not then who really cares?

Great post and summer school. Though I do think there is something MORE magical and useful than reading. The ACCIO spell. You could summon anything you want. Oh dang, I'm out of toilet paper, ACCIO TOILET PAPER. I don't know the answer to this test question, ACCIO TEST QUESTION. I need five bucks, ACCIO FIVE BUCKS.

The Biggest difficulty with this spell of course is sneezing. There have been dreadful unintended consequences to doing something as benign as say opening a dusty book and spotting a spider, ACHEW, eh, a spider... You get the picture. : )

storyqueen said...

Eewww.....yes I get the picture! You are right, the ACCIO spell is almost as good as reading. But if you had to live your live as either illiterate or non-magic, which would you choose?

(Oh, no, it's another star trek vs harry potter question!)

Thanks for stopping by!

soliluna said...

I love this! Just found your blog today via a comment you left on Laini Taylor's blog. wonderful!

storyqueen said...

Soli, thanks for stopping by! Come by often......if you want to , of course!