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Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogger University


There are many reasons to blog: social, promotional, web-presence....blah, blah, blah.

But for me, blogging has been very educational. It's like getting a mini degree the publishing world.

Allow me to illuminate:

1. First of all, when you read other blogs, you can really learn a lot. I mean REALLY! And not just stuff you'd think you'd learn, but stuff you'd never guess. Sure, I find reading about other writers' writing strategies/processes completely fascinating. I could read about writing for a very long time. And when I find myself posting about my own process well, sometimes I discover things about myself as I attempt to articulate an idea that I never would have known otherwise.

2. The campus life is awesome. I mean, I have made so many friends out there in the blog-world. People who love writing just as much as I do. I like to read their blogs because I have grown to care for the people who write them. There is a connection, made through the wonder of writing.

3. The faculty. Seriously, a year ago, I wouldn't have known who any of these people were: Mark McVeigh (an agent with a blog who is connecting with potential authors and offering them 15 minute sessions of his time.) Follow this will make him happy and you might get a phone call.....

Mary Kole (an agent who blogs often, offering advice in all areas of writing/publishing. She runs contests from time to time which offer critiques as a prize.) She is young, but so, so wise

Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (an agent often grants interviews/advice and contests through the use of author blogs.) Joanna is all about giving back to the writing community.

Literary Rambles (a blog created by Casey McCormick that provides one-stop-shopping when searching for information on agents. I cannot fathom the hours she has put into research, in addition to offering weekly writing tips.) Love you, Casey!

Plus many, many more! And these folks give their time because they believe in paying it forward. I have learned so much that I didn't know about the publishing industry from these folks....and I've had eight books published by three different houses. (Sometimes you don't know how much you don't know until you finally know know?)

Blogging University is a great place to get your degree in Insider Publishing Info.


(just thinking here.....the mascot.......I'm stuck.....somehow the image of someone hunched over a laptop doesn't inspire awe......ideas?)


Corey Schwartz said...

What? No mention of the syllabus? :)

GREAT post Shelley!!!

Solvang Sherrie said...

It is like a university. So which sorority are we? :)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Ha! When I first started blogging I kept telling people I felt like was going to college but didn't have to pay tuition. I've been blogging less than a year and have learned so much. And it's fun.

Casey McCormick said...

Wow! I'm in the faculty? Geez. My fellow faculty members are a bit intimidating. They've got way more cred than I do. : )

Thanks, Shelley. I'm glad you appreciate the time I put into my blog.

I love Blogger University. I'm learning from it all the time!! Student for life!

Nisa said...

Awesome post. I couldn't agree more. Mascot? Well, the Pen is mightier than the Sword. Go PEN! ;)

Jackee said...

Hooray for BU! How about for a mascot we pick some airy-fairy thing that fits the imaginative side of things rather than the actual physical act of writing?

Joanna said...

I guess that makes me like an adjunct professor blogger person?

I feel like many writers who are new to digital networking get intimidating and overwhelmed at the thought of starting to do this. But it can be so, so helpful! Not to mention fun, and like you said--you can make a few friends too.

Great post, Shelley!

storyqueen said...

Corey-Ah yes! The syllabus...hmm. Have to think about that. I probably should add Laini Taylor's Not for Robots blog as one of the texts. It's awesome

Sherrie-How about Writa Lotta Stuffa?

Tricia-It truly is an stuff you didn't know that you needed to know.

Casey-Of course you are faculty...but you can be an assistant professor if you want...sounds less stuffy that way.

Nisa-Definitely the motto!

Jackee-Blogger University, home of the Fighting Muses...or is Battling Muses better?

Or maybe...home of the Imaginative Muses of Wonder...(too lengthy, huh?)

storyqueen said...

Joanna-Of course! And you are right, there is so much to learn out there that people are more than willing to share about.

That has been the coolest thing about entering the blog-world, you get to see that agents and editors are HUMAN. They are people, too, and some of them (like you) are so willing to help the struggling writer.

That's powerful stuff, that is.

Renee Collins said...

I loved college, and I definitely agree with this analogy. Makes me feel like writing a school song.

O Blogger University,
Our alma matter true . . .

And that's pretty much where my song writing skills dry up. ;)

Kelly said...

I agree. Writing can be very solitary. Blogging makes it social and educational!

Myrna Foster said...

I hit the follow button over at Mark McVeigh's blog, so make sure you count me as one of your ten.

I love Blogger University, and I definitely count you as one of my friends. Thanks for another wonderful post, Shelley. You da QUEEN!

Paige Keiser said...

Fantastic article and awesome links, thanks Shelley!

Is this going to be on the final exam?

Catherine Denton said...

Blogger University? Perfectly said. I love going to this school. Thanks for those awesome links.

storyqueen said...

Renee-Yes, we need a song...maybe something to the tune of Gilligan's Island.

Kelly-you are right. It does sometimes get lonely...nice to have bloggie friends.

Myrna-You are so nice! And I did win a call.

Paige-I think if you do a project, either in writing or illustrating, you get to skip the final with an automatic A.

Catherine-Yea for blogger U, where the U means YOU!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Shelley--Best wishes with your skype/phone chat! :)

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