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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where I Will Be this Week

Hi folks,

This is a busy week for me.

Tuesday, January 29th:  I will be spending the evening at Ashley Falls Elementary in Del Mar for their "Slippers and Stories" event.  I am very excited!  I might have to find some very cool slippers to wear--that I can bling up before the event.  Must put that on the list!  Maybe Oreo will have some slippers, too... (where does one get slippers for a pet monkey puppet?)

Wednesday, January 30th:  Story Day at Jefferson Elementary.  I have not yet completely decided upon which grade levels will get which stories, but so far it looks like this:

1st:  The Magic Fish
2nd: Kipling's The Elephant's Child from JUST SO STORIES
3rd:  The Letter Activity Pt. 2. (In December, the students wrote to my puppets.  Now, it's time for some asnswers!  Live, unscripted answers!)
4th:  A Chinese tale (I am thinking 7 Chinese Brothers maybe.  Our fourth graders take Mandarin classes, so I'd like to do a story from China.  Also thinking about Ten Suns.)
5th:  A German tale:  (The fifth graders learn German, so I'd like to do a little known Grimm tale, but I need to do a bit more research.)

Friday, February 1st:
I'll be at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside at 7:00 for the Mission Meadow's bookfair.  Thinking of bringing a few door prizes--maybe making up a few more Trinket boxes.  I'll be talking about the GOOD KNIGHT books and THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET and probably read a little of each. And of course, the puppets will come.

Saturday, I will be sleeping in, I think.


1 comment:

Jackee said...

Yay for Oreo and his puppet friends! They all sound like wonderful events. I bet those kids look forward to those special hours reading with you. My kids would. Have a lovely week, my friend! Bling up those slippers!